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Saturday, May 10, 2014


For Imaginary Garden with Real Toads  presenting the art of Seraphine

I hear you Serpahine
In every image bold
You allow the paints
To speak your name
As you protect your soul

I feel a kinship
In your art
In your life
I understand
Your dreams

To paint after
Work was done.
I know
The Insanity
With your setting sun.

To paint until
There is nothing
Then quietly
Leaving pieces
You exit to
No More.

Paint on, you miscreants!
Paint on
Until there's
Nothing left but
White Coats


Fireblossom said...

I think a lot of people felt a kinship with Seraphine, on this challenge. It's amazing that her art allows her to touch people even long after her death, and despite the difficulty of her life.

LindaG said...

Wow. Strange piece and strange art.
I like the last painting though.

Happy Mother's Day, Gail. ♥

cosmos cami said...

I love "Paint on you miscreants" !!

What an embraceable poem and embraceable subject.

I think Fireblossom is right about the ease of connection with this painter.

Ginny said...

I had never heard of this or of her, so I researched it. Oh my!!! Her story, is wonderful, magical, and so sad. And did you know there is a movie about her of the same name? I came across the trailer of it and watched it. Your poem fits this story perfectly!! I think I will order the movie... Thank you!

Irene said...

This is so brilliant and beautiful that it makes my soul vibrate and give off heat in my body. How was the view from up above when you wrote this? Did you soar? You are one heck of a poet and not for the average reader.

Kerry O'Connor said...

You have given an intensely personal response to these pieces. This is one of my favourites of your poems. Very well done.

Margaret said...

Paint until there's nothing left…

That is just so perfect - she died of lack of nutrition and breast cancer, I believe. In a mad house. I wonder if she ever sang again, at least envisioned her art in head. I like to think so… I'm glad she had the years she did - many artists don't. Well done!

Lynne said...

PAINT ON . . .

Sumana Roy said...

your loving tribute is so touching..
this was a great prompt and yours is a beautiful response...

Helen said...

Gail, I love the strength, bravery, power in your poem ...........

cosmos cami said...

Keep the last stanza!!! :)

rallentanda said...

I love the passion in this poem and your empathetic response to Seraphine.Well done!

Anonymous said...

love this line: paint on, you miscreants!

yes, until there's nothing left... ~

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