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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Shooting while driving can be as dangerous as using a cell phone...I just can't help myself.  It's another of my terrible habits.  Prisoner Transport was following too closely
There has been a traffic light on Norfork Dam for almost two years.  I believe they may be building something inside to meet the minimum flow requirements for the trout in the river below.  How long does it take to put a cork in a dam?
Continued to have showers off and on all day.  We got damp sometimes but it felt good.  Temps were in the eighties and we were working hard.  We welcomed any breeze as we were packing boxes and reorganizing. 
This is one unit.  I almost forgot to take a before picture.  My Irish complexion shows when I'm extremely hot.  Dressed in work clothes and fighting our time schedule I allowed Toni to take a picture.  That was a mistake!
So I got even!  Toni is carefully packing glass things.  I was so tired I was like a bull in a china closet.  Thank goodness I haven't broken anything...yet.

I missed the funniest picture of all.  We met a Game and Fish truck in town dragging a gas pump nozzle and hose.  Three cars later was the police.  Who knows what his excuse was but I've never seen that before except in movies.  I believe they have an auto shut off now so the gas station doesn't explode.

We packed every nook and cranny in both vehicles, my PT and Toni's Blazer.  It rained a lot so it was not an open truck day.  We  both rearranged for the side mirrors to have a clear view.  Know what I forgot?  I have a standard transmission.  I forgot to leave ample room to shift so I was going under a box and sideways to shift.  I'll not do that again!
The lights over the dam reminded me of the old black and white movie War of the Worlds.

Today we do it again.


Sandra said...

that light does belong in a sci fi movie... great shot... i get exhausted just thinking of how much work you have been doing the past couple of weeks... i have never seen the gas thing except on tv

Dreaming said...

LOL about the truck dragging the gas hose - I often double check in the rear view mirror before taking off. I guess the driver doesn't have the same habit. Bet he will now!
Wow! You have mounds of stuff. Is that for the shop?

TexWisGirl said...

the stick shift thing made me laugh! i've done that before - crammed things in too tightly and then struggled to drive safely! eek!

A Quiet Corner said...

Been there done that with the gear shift!!!...:)JP

Linda Wildenstein said...

I too have done that with the shifter. Not a real smooth move but I understand let's pack it up and move it out.

Sue said...

I had to chuckle that you penned in the stick shift.


Ginny said...

A busy day! Nothing wrong with your picture, we all turn red when doing things like this. You are fair and look like you burn easily, I hope you wore sun block!

Susan Kane said...

My Irish complexion understands completely.

Ironically, we just visited a "garage sale" which turned out to be several storage units clearing out some over-flow. We have some of the same in our garage.

Will heave-hoe the stuff soon.

LindaG said...

Glad you got things taken care of safely, Gail.
Be careful and have a wonderful Sunday. ♥

Sandy said...


A fish and game vehicle driving around with a nozzle and hose from the gas station still attached. How smart are they, lol

You and Toni have been pretty busy.

Great picture of the two of you working hard to get this unit cleared.

Saucy Kodz said...

Shooting while driving.....the fish n game.....nozzle hanging out of vehicle......WAR OF THE WORLDS.....u-m-m-m-m.....do you live in Kansas.....and is your name Dorothy? ha,ha
Gee, you guys really had your work cut out for you - that's a lotta stuff to pack n move. I can see your red cheeks without even enlarging the photo. That's a lotta hard work - hope Tony treated you on the way back. Best to Marcy n hi to all. lol

Saucy Kodz said...

ooops, forgot to tell you - Summer has actually come to the Maritimes Gail, although it cools down quite a bit still; after 6pm. I am loving this weather. Doug n I built a small beautiful shelter for my motorbike n bicycle and that is all its intended for. I a surprised it turned out so well. He was the "Boss" and I was his devoted slave for the day. We had lots of fun and iced tea n sandwiches in between. Have a wonderful day.

DesertHen said...

You've been busy! My face turns red when I work in the heat too! Must be the Scottish in me...LOL!

My husband was at the gas station last month and a gal pulled up, started pumping gas and then went into the store. He said when she came out, she was on her cell phone, got in her car and just drove off, never removing the gas nozzle! She ripped it right off the tank and drove out onto the road before she realized what she had done!

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