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Monday, June 9, 2014

I Had A Post Written Last Night...

and saved it somewhere I forgot.  Been talking with TexWisGirl and knew she needed rain.  There are many states that are dry.

Last night I was pushing hard for rain to go west.  This silly poem I've now found is the result of that thought.

'Twas another muddy weekend
I’m not talking to complain
I’m hoping to push it Westward
Cause other states need rain

I’m grateful the ponds are full
Humidity is rising fast
Grateful for the work I do
When sweat runs down my ass
We are such a little state
With crops growing tall
But Rain, don’t miss the other states
That have no rain at all.

Texas to California
and all dryness in between
Are looking for some rain like this
And we are pretty clean

Don’t think I’m ungrateful
I love all creatures great and small
I am grateful for the crops
That grow tall and now fall

I’m grateful
The mower chokes with every step
I’m grateful for mosquitoes
That are generating welts

I’m grateful for the leaking roof
Cause some have no roof at all
Pollination is done
Grass grows as rain falls

So rain move on to Texas
Some states are dry as toast
Push on Westward
to states that need it most

Push the rain to Texas
Where the dirt is dry
Texas to California
Could use this weeping sky

So push on Westward
Hear my cry
States are awaiting
Crops are bone dry

Send them a soaking rain
For now I've enough of this
There’s land out there
That’s grateful when you spit.
Maybe I pushed hard enough.  This one's for you, Theresa!


TexWisGirl said...

you did, indeed! you said you didn't have any pull (or push, as it were) but i think you finally did it! nice storm and downpour this morning and light rain falling since! i even pulled my poor, filthy dirty car out from the shed an parked it in the driveway to get a 'wash' off. :)

now, i can stop whining and then wish the rain to continue moving westward!

Sandra said...

hope this wonderfu poem works for those dry states... CA really needs it but then they will have mudslides. love the poem

Sketching with Dogs said...

Very poignant - and hilarious! If there was any way to pass rain on they could have ours with pleasure. We haven't had a full week of sunshine yet and it is almost mid June.
Lynne x

Ginny said...

And a great push it IS!!! Funny and so descriptive!!! Your poems always make me feel something, and that is a sign of great poetry! Either laughing, sorrow, angst, or shock, you can make my emotions change!

LindaG said...

Great poem, Gail. Hope it work(ed)s!

Mama Zen said...

This is just priceless!

Susan Kane said...

Rain, rain, come this way...The news is talking about tornado warnings, not just watching. HOpe you are safe.

John Gray said...

Wet ass
Always a problem here in wales

A Quiet Corner said...

Glad all those words got you some well deserved rain!!!!...:)JP

Lynne said...

Great poem . . . happy the rains showed up in TexWis country!

gld said...

Love the poem! Yes, let's share this bounty with others.....please.

Sandy said...


Great poem, I am more than willing to share my rain. We have had plenty the last couple of days.

Farm Girl said...

Well it must have worked ad TexWiz said she got two inches.
I love that poem. I think it is wonderful. If we get a El Nino this year, we should be pretty good.

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