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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Got Bread!

Remember the post where I made Justin Wilson's bread?  I inquired about what kind of bread machine to use.  I discovered that most made theirs by hand like me.   
I have "met" many wonderful people since I began blogging and I knew there would be someone with the answer.  Lynne from Irish Garden House  went way above and beyond with her help.  She sent me a bread machine!

I was so thrilled to receive this wonderful gift.  I read and read and discovered every recipe called for dry milk.  I didn't have any at the moment so I worked on getting a table ready because the instructions said Do not operate on flammable surface.  Here is my knocked together unit that will hold the meat grinder and my bread machine while providing extra work space.  The top is an old enamel piece from a destroyed, not by me, Hoosier cabinet.  The bottom has rollers so I can move it anywhere.
My sweet sister Marcy shows up with a bread recipe mix!  I was so involved in the instructions, when it said a entire envelope of yeast, I got my own and found the one included later.  It will not waste.
As much as I love the art of bread making it was so nice to place ingredients in here and go about my rat killing without waiting on any thing.  I remembered to take pictures when SOMEONE reminded me.  I was two seconds from done.
Beautiful!  I think it touched the top because I used my yeast instead of the one they had in the packet but that didn't hurt one thing.
Here's the bucket,
Here's the loaf, perfect!
I slathered it with butter and set it to cool.
Didn't make it to cool. That is why it's a little crooked. Sliced it early, shared with Marcy since she brought the mix.  Jake, Andrew and Hubby came through sniffing the air like a coon dog looking for game.  It's gone before it cooled.

Thank you, Lynne.  The old saying "...and the whole da** family thanks you" is very true!  You have made me a very happy cook.

Oh, I will still knead that dough time to time just for the pure joy of it but for now I can bake homemade bread while I'm taking a nap...right!


Lynne said...

Thanks for the Thanks!

Happy the machine worked just fine and everyone enjoyed a taste of the cheese herb bread. Sounds yummy . . . and looks even better. Too bad I can't pick up that fragrance on the iPad!!! As an Irish Lass told me once . . . "just use your imagination!"

Buttons said...

Wow Lynne is truly amazing. I have a bread machine I just shuffled around yesterday and wondered why I have NEVER used it. You have given me hope. It looks fantastic. By the way tell your friend Lynn I could use a toaster:) just kidding Lynn I am not really like that:). HUGS B

Primitive Stars said...

Oh My.......looks so so yummy.....what a machine.....Blessings Francine.

Sandra said...

tell Lynn i want and ipad OR a kindle fire will work as well... LOL..now that is a true blogger friend. i wish i could have been there for warm bread. i don't have one because i am a bread a holic, i love bread more than cookies and if i baked one i would eat the whole thing in a days time.... i do love bread

SaucyKod said...

what a delightful post. I just smiled all the way through. Nice lady to give this thoughtful gift. I gotta go make bread this morning "in MY Machine" - you got my mouth salvating Gail. ha,ha

the canned quilter said...

What a wonderful post and a kind friend. That bread looks great! Around here if you turn your back with hot bread cooling you return to find half the loaf gone : )


I love my bread machine. Haven't used it much lately but you've renewed my interest. I suspect we'll have a loaf of fresh bread by the week end.
Isn't it funny how we receive things when we least expect them and from people we never expected it from. I too have been given a lovely gift in the last year. Very special that way.

Sandy said...

The bread looks delicious. It's very hard to leave bread alone when it comes out of the bread machine/oven. Especially if your hungry and you smell it baking.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, lynne is an ANGEL!!! what a sweet, sweet woman! of course, i'd be cursing her name because i'm a bread-a-holic, too. it would never make it to cool. it would make it to my hips, though! :)

Farm Girl said...

How nice and it looks perfect. I had to give up my bread machine because one loaf wouldn't feed all of us. I am back to the old fashioned way, well sort of I have a heavy duty mixer that does all of the work now but put it in the pan. How nice that someone sent you a breadmaker. I am amazed at how nice people are in blogland. I know this lady and she sent me black walnuts. I will have a grove of them in the back of my pasture this winter when they go in the ground. :)

Linda Wildenstein said...

What a lovely gift. I know you will get a great deal of use from it. I don't use mine to bake the bread but I do use it to knead the bread as these old hands have quit working the way they used to. I can even make the artisan breads that you cook in cast iron covered pot. All because my bread maker does the work and I have great huge round loaves of love waiting for my family.
Enjoy, you deserve those bread naps. Oma Linda

Monti said...

I don't cook, but the bread sounds lovely. I enjoy the way you document with so many photos. Wonderful for a visual person!

Mary Montague Sikes

Country Gal said...

Oh WOW ! That is awesome I am still looking for a good one here and reading up on them , there are so many different makes and some that are there we don't have here and vise versa . Looks yummy I am glad the clan loved it ! I really have to get going on making bread it has been years . Have a great day !

Far Side of Fifty said...

I make bread as I nap also! The Grands love the fresh bread! I see you got some rain..good for you! :)

Lynne said...

I have enjoyed reading your comments. A few of them gave me a great chuckle. Just to let everyone know,, I have not an iPad or Kindle Fire to give away . . . but if I upgrade my iPad, I may have my iPad 2 for sale!

A huge thank you for your for kind words about me, in Gail's comments! The bread machine was sitting in a dormant state around here and I knew Gail would warm it up to functioning!

Keep up the baking Gail!
Love, Lynne

EG CameraGirl said...

I think I can smell the aroma of just-baked bread. How nice to have a bread maker!

LindaG said...

Haha. Congratulations, Gail! It looks great!

Susan Kane said...

You had me drooling once the butter was slathered all over the crust!

Sue said...

What a great gift! That is so thoughtful of her.


gld said...

What a sweetheart of a person!

The bread looks delicious. I feel the same way about my crock pot; plop in food and then I have 6 hours to do whatever I please. God bless technology.

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