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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Centus Week 140 On Snowy Roads...

Jenny is still cranking those prompts into the blogasphere.  I do enjoy these prompts.  Makes my imagination work overtime.  One hundred four words, not one word more. Keep it clean and include the words of her prompt "...you want a resolution...".  Add your creation to the list or just visit Ms Jenny and enjoy the contributions.
Oh, my butt was gripping
Every inch of the seat
As Hubby drove wildly
Through snow ice and sleet.

It was a day outing
That turned into night
Glad I wasn't driving
I was full of fright

Icy snow bothers me
More that you’ll know
‘Cause I've hit ditches
Row after row after row.

The day was clear cold
With snow on the ground
The weather man’s lying
Saying none would stick around.

So New Year looms
The horizon filled with snow
You want a resolution
Here it goes…

No icy driving
Anyway, not for me.
I’ll be indoors thriving
In warmth and reverie.


Dar said...

I'd share that same resolution, thank you very much.
Also thank you for adding Dar's Bread Pudding to the mix. Sweet of you.
Do enjoy.

Lynne said...

Very, very, very good one my dear! It just flows from you doesn't it!

Sandra said...

yet another good job done by you... no worries down here, no ice, no snow for me to drive in, but if i did i would be terrified

Karen S. said...

What a perfect photo for such a true life story for me as well. Those are the kinds of roads I so hate to drive, or travel and just this week, we had them again during a busy, darkened evening rush hour.... grrrr, and brrrr, that's what I have to say about our winter driving and our weather Enjoy your new year's celebrations- off icy roads!

Country Gal said...

Another wonderful story ! Awesome ! Have a good day !

lissa said...

I like that resolution, I think I'll probably following it. who wants to go out in the cold?

have a great new year!

LindaG said...

Great one, Gail!

My hubby would drive wildly, too, haha. I always preferred to let him drive though, when we lived in Alaska!

EdenHouse said...

That is my kind of resolution. Happy new year hope you avoid the icy roads

Brian Miller said...

ha. been there done that...far too many times....worst was coming through knoxville about 3 am one year, watched a car slide off a bridge....crazy....but we made it through...

DesertHen said...

I despise snowy/icy driving as well! I go back to work this week after a few days off and I'm not looking forward to the drive at all!

Love the poem!

Sue said...

I don't like driving in snow either, and for good reason. Being from California, I'm just no good at it!


Jenny said...

Oh man.

I remember driving in the snow and ice when I lived in Ohio.

I don't even know if I could do it now.

I kinda/sorta freeze up when it even rains!

This was great!

Happy New Year!

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