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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Define Vacation For Me!

 The sad rose at the end of the bed I worked on yesterday is now trimmed, weeded, and mulched.  I use old dog food bags under rocks and roses love them.  I trimmed a large enough hole to feed and water the rose if it needs it, otherwise, this will help it take care of itself.  I think I could've taken a straighter picture
So it's taken me two mornings,or more, before the heat rolled in to get one half of one side of the house weed free.
This is the relationship of my water garden to the rock patio I did last week.  You can see why the water stays ragged...the pets think it's their personal playground and I don't have the heart to stop them.  I can watch the dogs chase frogs from the porch or from right beside the water garden on the bench a friend made.
My other project this morning was cleaning this off the old house.  Many saplings and a huge grape less vine had taken over, along with vinca.  I saved the vinca for another day.
Same spot, finished!  I did three sides of the old house where Dad grew up and where I lived at a very young age.  Have to trim this all back because there are many repairs to be done.  I finished three sides before I had to come in and cool.
The temperature has reached 80 degrees, feels like a cold front.
If you think I didn't do much, here's my pile of proof.
No snakes, no wasps (bothering me), no injuries (a few cuts and scratches that don't count) and I did it all in my handy dandy little rubber shoes...almost as much fun as flip flops.  Gosh, I'm tired!


carolina nana said...

If I worked in an office I could consider the outside work you are doing a great vacation. I never did like sitting in an office.
You are going to need to go back to work to get a rest from your vacation,haha

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I love stone as a back drop for any type of floral

Pat said...

I'm glad to see you're wearing shoes.

I LOVE that stone house!

It's a beautiful day here, too, with temps in the high 70's and a nice breeze with low humidity. It feels good to have the windows open and NO A/C!

Michaele said...

A very satisfied tired tho' right? Don't you just love standing back and looking at what you have accomplished? Cool wave here too.

Country Gal said...

Oh WOW you did a great job ! I love the photos of the house and garden ! Hope you get some R&R during your vacation ! I am the same always on the go doing something even when theres not much to be done ! Have a wonderful evening !

Nora said...

It's great to see the photos of what you have accomplished. You must feel so satisfied. Those rubber shoes are a heck of a lot better than your flip flops. Maybe next time you will wear proper working boots :o)

Dreaming said...

Tired... but you must feel so good for having accomplished so much! Wow! What progress you have made. We had a goldfish pond at our home in SC. Our dogs loved it. They used it as their water bowl.... but one of our guys had to climb in and lie down before he'd drink!
Everything looks so lush and green despite the temps.
Oh...my preferred shoe is a Croc or a Croc-Knock-Off. They are so comfy and perfect for working in the garden.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I don't understand...what are the dog food bags made of that makes the roses love them? blessings, marlene

Kimjks said...

You seem to really enjoy your time in your garden,that's where I always hide from the world.Her's to happy gardening!

Debi@7Gates said...

You should sleep very good tonight. That was a lot of work you did. You were very lucky not to see any snakes.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I enlarged every single photo and ..wow..was right there with you in the yard. Fantastic. I mean, Gail, would you look at all that SPACE! I would be in heaven. (if I had a gardener, of course! ) :)
Anyway...love it! You did good. Ki is such a sturdy looking little girl!
Glad you like the roosters.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The rose should thrive in its new surroundings..it looks great.
Perhaps you should take one day off this week and just stay in your jammies all day:)

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