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Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday....and Another Halter Leaves

 Monday is never my favorite day of the week, unless it's a holiday, then Tuesday is my least favorite day. I knew today was going well when I stretched in the hall, fell backwards and hit my head on the heat register...man, that hurt. It was still hurting when I decided I needed to potty, reached to wipe and my entire side of my body went into muscle spasms. Maybe I tried to do too much this weekend. I knew it was gonna be a great day! 
The sky told me it would get better,
and except for the lady
 who HAD to have something during lunch,
 it wasn't too bad.
A few people had wanted to see my hillbilly halter rack, took a picture this evening.  Now, not only is my blue halter missing but my red one and its lead.  Where it was supposed to be, hung a crooked whopper-jawed bridle!  Oh, and my dining room smells like leather, one of my favorite smells!

Since the farrier came today, I tracked down Hubby and inquired about my red halter...he knew how the loss of the blue one drove me crazy.  He quickly located the red and returned it...lucky for him!

I also assisted the grand mechanic which consisted of standing, listening to him fuss, and being directed to find parts.  Okay, on a Monday, that didn't last long either.

So I am on strike tonight not because of anything other than I want to be on strike.  It will be an eat what you can find night.  The Closer is on and one of the few shows I watch.  I do love a sassy Southern lady who is in charge of a whole county.
The remainder of tonight will be spent
reading a book from my sister,
hiding quietly in my room.
Thank God, tomorrow is Tuesday.


labbie1 said...

The hillbilly halter rack is great! And you are right--the smell of leather is wonderful. One of my favorite shows is also The Closer. Did you know this is the last season? ack!

Journaling Woman said...

Ihave so much to say, so here goes.

I absolutely love your equipment rack. I can smell the leather from here. I too love the smell.

My sister reads everything Hillerman. I feel like I should but I have so much on TBR pile that I'm overwhelmed.

Lastly, Monday is a symbol of giving your life "to the man" and makes any normal person cringe. And yes, yes, we are grateful for our jobs, but Monday is difficult to surrender to.

Thats all.

Rudee said...

Ouch. Hope you're feeling better. You may want to invest in some bubble wrap for Mondays.

carolina nana said...

Sounds like you are suffering from a long weekend of hard work. Your week will get better I'm sure.

Sue said...

Not a brilliant start to the week, but I think you've got the right idea. Hide in your room till bedtime and then sleep this whole day off!


Buttons said...

Yeah Mondays always feel like the bump in the head part of the week. Hope your head is better. B

LindaG said...

The reason Tuesdays are not your favorite day after a Monday holiday, is because when Monday is a holiday, Tuesday is Monday.
I never did like weeks with 2 Mondays when I was in the Military. :P

Have a great Tuesday!

Judy said...

Glad the halters are back...they do have a tendency to go for a walk occasionally...

Nora said...

I think it's amazing that you fall over spontaneously. You really are accident prone. I hope your head and your whole body feel better. Be careful of muscle spasms. I hope the blue halter shows up. Which culprit has taken it?

TechnoBabe said...

Tony Hillerman is one of my favorite authors. Hubby and I have every book. I read them over and over, sort of a yearly love-in, a comfort read.

Not only is your sister a superb gardener, she has great taste in books.
Does she blog?

Dreaming said...

Glad the red halter was found.... I don't have a red one, so it wasn't me!
As for the blue one... uh, it seems I have not one, but two! Hmmm.... could it teleport here?

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