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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Monday Walk...

Had to have one, I was in dire need of a  farm walk.  I am mourning the loss of my fridge by my own hands and am not happy with an ice chest.  After a rain, yes, I said RAIN, I decided to walk as soon as I came home today.  Donned some farm clothes and my rubber boots, camera in pocket.
The sky over the farm after the rain
We found wild flowers
and rocks, where I fell.
Nothing broken but had to sit a while.
I said, ooooh, owww, but no bad words.
Coming back up, I slipped.
My forearm and knee got the brunt of it.
Small price to pay to walk in such beauty.
I found a treasure
and Lil found a stick.
Just to let you know how much I was enjoying the cool air and the beauty around me, zoom in to the bottom of this small water fall and see what nestled there for me...a water moccasin.  I was close.  I walked past and looked back and saw it.  Did I remember the camera?  No!!!  I sicced the dogs and Lil grabbed it out, got one good shake in and Squiggie took it from her and shook it in half.   Good dogs!!!!  That's their job.

I decided it was time to end my walk and head back to the safety of home.  Solid floors here and no snakes!


Judy said...

Glad you did not hurt yourself when you fell...or get snake bit...good dogs...enjoy the rain and the beautiful weather...

Dreaming said...

Falling on rocks, walking by snakes... doesn't sound that healthy! Glad you were OK!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I bet you are a bit sore today. So sorry you fell.

Love that blue rock you found. How unusual! :)

Tamara said...

Good grief Gail! It sounds like you took a walk through a mine field instead of on the farm! lol When you said you were walking i was expecting to see pictures of KiAnne running thru a pasture or field. Glad you weren't bit or hurt, sounds like quite the adventure tho. :)

Pat said...

Was the treasure the blue rock? Cause right above it to the left looked like a heart shaped rock!

Sorry you fell - and you even had appropriate shoes on!

I looked, but I didn't see the snake. And I'm happy about that!

Sue said...

Yikes! That guy is scary!!!


Jeannelle said...

Goodness, Gail....please be careful and watchful on your walks!

Nora said...

In all your activities, you seem bound and determined to get hurt. Did you ever notice that? I think you must start wearing protective clothing. Kneepads and such things. A whole body armor. I think you should get some sturdy hiking boots with good profiled soles. I would worry less about you.

carolina nana said...

So glad you didn't step closer to that guy. Was it a poisonous cotton mouth?
Brave dogs.
Glad you got some rain,we already are dry again after our weekend rain.

Jean said...

Good dogs is right. Wow! What a lovely time for a walk, but oh, my not a fall. Glad you weren't hurt!

DesertHen said...

You have such adventures out on your walks! Hope the bumps and bruises fade quickly!

labbie1 said...

Sounds like you would like a jacuzzi as well! Sorry about the falls.

What was that blue thing? A rock?

Glad you were wearing boots and had the trusty steeds with you! Yikes!

The picture of the sky after the storm looks like a painting. So pretty and interesting!

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