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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Fair Kiss

Cotton Candy
Roasted peanuts
Hot dogs, scents mix
And I'm there again

Fresh hay
Sweet feed
Horse sweat
And my first stolen kiss

Cedar shavings in the barn
Petting all the horses
Inhaling their scent
I never owned one
And you walked in

Spearmint gum
Viewing the stock
With a casualness
And you stroked the horse

Carnival music
Horses' whinny
Cows low to calves
Roosters crow
And you kissed me

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


eileeninmd said...

Wonderful story! Sounds like good times at the fair. Enjoy your weekend!

Ella said...

Hi Gail! There is so much in this poem to crow about~ I love how you added the edges and then the air of romance! Lovely, so happy you joined in!

Linda Wildenstein said...

You paint a lovely painting with your words.

Sandra said...

sounds, sights, scents bring back memory's so quickly. as i read i could see and hear and smell the county fair again. no kisses for me though.

Linda Kay said...

Gail, such a sweet memory. My hubby and I still love to go to fairs and tour all the livestock barns, since we are still farm kids at heart.

Mama Zen said...

I love this!

Ian H said...

Insightful !

Farm Girl said...

Our county fair starts this week and I think you captured it perfectly.

Inger said...

i can smell the horses and feel the emotion of that kiss. Well done.

kaykuala said...

So much fun to share together with those one loves all within contrasting situations. It makes for a great poem. Perfumed guy with after-shave to contrast with horse-sweat and the horse.


X said...

Ha. Nice love story you got there.
Have you ever see Longest Ride?
Horses, stock, have an interesting affect
on us.

Off the subject a bit, but had a boy I worked with
that was quite disturbed, but get him around horses,
get him to grooming them - he was a total different
person. Calm, loving.

Ida said...

What a sweet nostalgic poem. Loved it.

Lynne said...

This tells many stories . . .
Delightfully told beautifully . . .

gld said...

What a sweet memory!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

the last line is the sweetest

Debbie said...

Wherever you are, I want to be there as well!!

Country Gal said...

Love, a , fair ! Get it haha ! Nicely done !

Truedessa said...

Thanks for taking me the fair filled with all those scents. My guilty pleasure at a fair is vinegar french fries..oh they are so bad for you but taste yummy..

Liza said...

Lovely memory poem!

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