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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ki-Anne...Cattle Dog

As I related my sad story of Sunday,
I mentioned the great cattle escape.
Never found where they got out
and cut the fence to get them back in.
Herding is coming naturally to my little dynamo.
Ki was even brave enough to heel Collateral.
He's moving in the right direction,
so she scopes the rest of the herd.
These ladies weren't as compliant as the bull.
My Ki moves like lightning!
She is so proud of gathering the herd,
but when the going gets rough...
Ki hides behind me!!!
Got a tad more training to do.


Sue said...

Good for her, though. She's doing great!


LindaG said...

Yes, she is doing great! Considering how small she is, I think she's allowed one 'hide behind Gail' moment.

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

She knows that you will save her!! she looks to be working at being a great herding dog:)

Rudee said...

She's a remarkable little spitfire. Look at her go!

Pat said...

She'll get there in no time! She's a powerful little dog!

Dreaming said...

She's amazing! Love how she knows who to come to for protection!

Rob said...

That's a good dog. Cows with calves can be very scary, far worse than any bull so I think she is a brave dog. My Tippy would not tackle cows.

DesertHen said...

Looks like the Heeler in her is coming out. They are such amazing cow dogs! She's gonna be a good one! =)

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