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Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Word

I have no post,
no pictures to show.

My commenter's broken,
my connection is slow.
My photos won't crop
or they just go.

Work was crappy,
home is too.
If I didn't have bloggers,
what would I do?

Thinking of a word,
just one to say,
that would tell
about yesterday.


Teresa aka Journaling Woman said...

Sorry about your down day, but you have made me laugh big time.

Maybe today will be better?

PS Blogger is getting on everybody's nerves.

Country Gal said...

That sucks, there just are days ya feel as though ya should never gotten out of bed ! Hope it gets better soon for ya ! Great post and pic by the way , girl ya make me giggle !

Nora said...

I think that's pretty hilarious, Gail, but I'm sorry that your day was like that. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. I do like you imaginative use of rocks.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh I hate that you had a bad day but I still love that you keep your sense of humor! blessings, marlene

EmptyNester said...

I kind of feel guilty about having such a hearty laugh--but it's your fault oh clever/humorous one! LOL

Queen-Size funny bone said...

your days will get better
they usually do
unfortunately it requires you deal with the POO!

LindaG said...

*hugs* ♥
Hope today is being better for you all.

Sue said...


We all wade through it now and again...


carolina nana said...

Haha you crack me up Gail!
I always figure on days like you're having that things are gonna have to get better.And they always do,your days will improve I'm sure. It could be worse at least we're on the green side of the grass !!!!!
Have a blessed day

DesertHen said...

Well said!

That pretty much describes my Monday and Tuesday!

Rob said...

You know what Gail, I have a Facebook account and I have a Twitter account but at the end of the day it's my blogger account that I turn to when I want to talk to my best friends. Thanks for the award by the way, I haven't forgotten about it and will add it to my blog when I can get time under control!

The Golden Eagle said...

I'm sorry to hear about your day!

Dreaming said...

Yeah...those days (weeks) happen. I like your "illustration"!

Rudee said...

Even when the sh!t is falling, you have the gift of making me laugh. Hope all is better, today.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great art work..some days are really full of it. I hope you have a great weekend!! ( Or at least a less crappy day):)

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