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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Tale With A Touch Of Weird

Years ago after we first married, hubby came to the farm with Dad.  We had a horrible lightning storm the night before and they wanted to check on the cattle. 

They saw the huge bull leaning against a tree and wondered what he was doing.  As they drew closer, they discovered more cattle on the ground.  Lightning had struck and traveled to the cattle in a hollow.  Our bull and five of the best cows were dead.

Last weekend on a Mule trip with hubby, we passed that spot and talked about the incident.  I spotted a bright color down in the hollow that wasn't normal.  Climbing down, I found a Happy Birthday helium balloon that had died in the same spot as the cattle.

On my return trip, I found bones.  This huge pelvic bone of the bull was loaded in the back of the mule.  Then my imagination went wild.
I first sealed it with Gesso,
added a little color,
added a little more,
and sprayed the new face with sealant.
I am thinking of painting strange eyes,
drilling holes and have the eyes swivel in the wind...
Now, you have to agree, that is a tad weird.
This now guards my entrance to the yard.
It surely was fun.


Zuzana said...

Hello Gail and thank you so much for stopping by my place recently.;)
What a wonderful blog you have here and i am intrigued by your farm life.;) I always wanted to marry afarmer as little girl, however life wanted other things for me.;))
Love seeing you on horse back, I love riding.;)
I think you did well with those bones, it will appeal to the right people and scare the wrong ones away.;))
Nice meeting you,

Country Gal said...

Sad about the bull and cows though !
Awesome idea I think it looks great ! I must be weird to but who cares I would of done the same thing if I found that ! Have a great day !

Rudee said...

It looks like a bizarre tiki head. How fun!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

It does look very different but you're very imaginative to have done this. Poor bull though.

CJ xx

LindaG said...

Perfect for Halloween! :)

Jenean said...

I Love it..noticed it has you favorite color on it... :)

Bandhura said...

OH MY GOD THAT IS FABULOUS! LOL...yes it's bizarre! Yes, you will probably get "looks", but Gail! I LOVE IT! LOL I think the idea of the swivel in the wind eyes is a wonderful idea! Something that catches the sun and sparkles maybe!
What a cool sentinel to guard your property! I wish I could come across cool bones like this! Tee Hee!

carolina nana said...

You might get some strange questions about your greeter I'm sure. But what a story you will have to tell and I'll quarantee that's a one of a kind !!!!
Blessings to you

Nora said...

It's definitely weird, but it comes with a story. It's not often that someone has a pelvis hanging at the entrance to their yard. It may raise some questions, so you better have your tale ready. You will have to repeat it many times. The paint job is great.

Pat said...

You know, Georgia O'Keeffe PAINTED the bones of cattle ON CANVAS. I never heard of her painting the bones themselves. You are creative, I'll give you that!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Man, that would be totally freaky to come upon in the night, especially in October!

Farm Girl said...

That is so cool, I was thinking you could find some tiny lights for night time fun.
Or put them on a motion sensor so they light up when someone walks by on a dark night.
That is such a sad story that the bull and cows got hit.
My grandmother could tell such stories about lighting and thunder.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Beware...it gives me the creeps. I'd think twice before trespassing. lol

Sandra said...

what a sad and horrible story, and since we live in the lightning capitol of the USA we could tell a lot of stories like this one. not our personal story, but so many in our area. trees are lightning rods and we do not stand under them in a storm, our house is surrounded by really tall trees, so when the storms come i huddle and wait. i lived in a house in Savannah for 3 years, in that 3 years it was hit by ligthing 3 times. once it hit a fan in the hall and it was jumping around still plugged in the wall, it hit our screen door and lit it up like a Christmas tree.

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