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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving Cattle...

 Since the older babies (around seven hundred pounds) went to sale Friday, we moved the rest of the herd to another pasture. With a sack of feed in the tractor bucket, I think hubby could lead these through town. Notice belly-butting bottle baby, Lovely, (front and center) is a strong member of the herd now.

This is my favorite cow. She is huge and built perfectly in my book. Gelbvieh cattle come in three colors...yellow, red and black. I prefer the yellow, which is a "so last year" color. Hubby dreams of black. Now, tell me this...what difference does it make when all the meat is red after they are skinned? The funny thing is black brings more money at the sale barn...the least favorite is spotted cattle.
These are the early babies with Lovely in the middle, just like she was never a bottle baby. Lovely is about three months younger than her side mates. This was another miracle...Mom took Lovely back after she had been gone almost a month!!! Another reason Gelbveih are a wonderful choice of cattle. One mama will sit all the calves while the other mamas graze. If a babe becomes hungry, the nanny will feed it until the mother returns. Simply amazing to me!
I seem to have a thing with yellow...my favorite horse,
my favorite cow, my favorite rose...
 my favorite kittens and my favorite dog are all yellow!
I never buy yellow clothes, go figure.  I never said I wasn't


sarah said...

Gosh what beautiful cattle, Gail! I look at your lifestyle - so very different to mine and just drool! You live in such a beautiful place and I am so glad to know you. By the way the photos are gorgeous! Are they Marcy's again? Take care. xxx
Sarah at secret housewife

sarah said...

Sorry - I am on my other google profile so I'm not being unfriendly - I just wanted to comment and couldn't be bothered to sign in and out to do so, but its still me!! Sarah xx

EmptyNester said...

Another lovely post showing the beauty of your farm life. I so enjoy these posts!

Shannon said...

I like yellow flowers and animals, too. But, I look terrible in yellow. Maybe that's why I like them so much, I have yellow envy!

Dreaming said...

Question answered! We often see cattle in the fields as we travel from one house to the other. Often there will be one or two moms with a bunch of calves. We thought maybe they had calfsitting duty, but weren't sure. Now we know!
Interesting that the black command more money - doesn't make sense to me - cause, as you pointed out, they are all the same on the inside.


ellen abbott said...

look at those sweet kittens.

I like yellow too but like you, never wear it.

Buttons said...

Gail nice post Herefords babysit the others cattle too. I like this also.
Nice photos. Hope you got a good price. B

Sue said...

I like yellow too, but I never wear it.


PS. Actually, it makes me look sallow.

LindaG said...

Thanks for all the great photos!
I'd be happy with spotted cattle. ;)

Jules said...

Yeah, no way am I sitting with someone's children and feeding them until they return. Mom better pack them a lunch. :)

Did you know black dogs are the last adopted?

Have a great Sunday.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Nora said...

Gelbvieh is German for yellow cattle, so why would it be any other color?

carolina nana said...

That's a fact about black cattle. I was sitting in the sale barn during the auction some of our cattle was in and heard the auctioneer say while trying to bid up a red cow that when the hide is off you aren't going to know what color it was.
Hope you got a good price for the the cattle you sold Friday. The price around here is really high this year. Wish we had a bunch to sell.
Have a blessed tomorrow

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your cattle seem to have very special traits. I like your favorite color cow, too. Pretty thing.
Ironic that the spotted cattle are so unpopular when spotted horses are all the rage. lol!
I like yellow, too, but not on me. I think it washes me out.
Did you know that yellow is the Sunday Still's theme for next week?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ps...that cat photo is precious!


Ann said...

my bro a practising lawyer of having a dream of owning a farm up on the gold coast. He had a farm manager, but it didn't work out.

Lorraine said...

Funnily enough, one of my favourite colours is yellow and yet I don't buy clothes in that colour either.

I adore reading about the animals and seeing their photo's. This blog is so lovely and I should take the time to comment far more than I do - sorry xxx

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