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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday's Work...

was just a small job.  Somewhere in the tall grass and brush, there is a spring and a pump house.  This is our water source for both homes here.
Between the May floods, getting the garden going, having calves, building fence and work in general, we had not gotten around to our second cleaning of the spring this year.
The candy-#ss that has to have hubby start the weed eater volunteered...that's me.  We are having August temps in June, I work in an air-conditioned office all week and I'm just down right out of shape, period.  I managed to knock down this year's growth so we can see the snakes, see the pump (in case we need to work on it) and see the water. 

Normally it is not this bad but we are all a little older and a little slower this year.  This part is done now.  I weed eated small willows, floribunda bushes, poison oak, and all kinds of grass...to the edge of the water.

I rested some, I drank a lot, I took some pictures and took my time but it was still too dang hot for this kind of work in the middle of the day.
After clearing some around this rock, Lil found a den of interest.  Ki comes to help, with the ball of course...
and promptly drops the tennis ball into the cannot see the back of, no end to it, den...now no one can get the ball except whatever critter is hiding in there.  Ki-Anne looks at me like, I thought that is what you wanted me to do.  After all, I was telling Lil, get it...she needed a ball to get, I guess.
We can see the spring now.  I have grass to rake out of the water and up the sides but that can wait til the sun goes down.  This Candy-#ss went to the house for a shower and many cold drinks.


ellen abbott said...

It will be fun to see if the ball appears having been moved out by whatever lives there.

Country Gal said...

WOW ! alot of work in the heat ! Papa and I love to drink lemonaid in the heat when we are working its soo refreshing !
Great photos and post , Candy ass lol your a nut I love it ! Have a great day !

LindaG said...

How I feel the same way each time we go to the farm!

Hope you're all well today! :)

Nora said...

That's when you really need an ice cube maker, don't you? For all those cold drinks you need to drink. I can imagine how tough a job that was in the heat. You must have been drenched in sweat. You sure do work hard. It puts me to shame.

Farm Girl said...

I don't think you should call yourself a candy#anything. Weed eating is plain ole hard work. That was a bunch of work and just the names of all of the stuff you chopped made me shiver.
I hope you rest a lot. I never can start a weed eater either. :)

carolina nana said...

Are your arms still vibrating from the weed eater ??? Haha.
I hate running those things especially when I'm hot and sweaty and all the grass sticks to me.
Hope you had a nice rest.
Blessings to you

Jules said...

This candy*s, is right there with you! To dang hot to do anything but sweat. Let me guess, a gallon of ice tea is missing?! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Sue said...

You're a better woman than I am! (And I wish I were as out of shape as you are...)


Far Side of Fifty said...

A brush mower that's what you need..the one like they advertise on TV..you certainly got your exercise for the week..you must go back to work to rest! :)

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