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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Only Reality Show...Sister Wives

I watched this show on a lark, just to see what in the heck they were showing on tv now.  It is featured on TLC and into its second season.  It tells the story of the Brown family practicing polygamy.

I'm a little confused about the mechanics of this...I know Cody is married to Meri, his first wife, but is he married to the others?  They've all  had weddings, they've all had honeymoons, and they all have children.  They say they are all wives but wouldn't this pop up in a computer program somewhere...BEEEP, this guy is already married!  I don't know if they have a clerk just looking for someone married several times, or how do they handle that?  I guess now that they have admitted they are breaking the law on national television, the officials are after them...they have moved. 

They just moved to another state and they are showing their houses on tv...do they think no one will find them?

Don't get me wrong, I know there is much lee-way these days.  Two mommies, two daddies, three generational families...and on and on.  If they are not in my bedroom, I really don't care.  I know what I believe and I am strong in that belief but there is also freedom to believe the way you want to.

I have been looking at the pluses to this and considering getting me some Sister Wives. 

For the man, this is good.  He has a schedule and takes turns staying with each wife and their children.  What are the chances, during this rotation, that each woman will have a headache?  Get one wife to start with, then add a younger one...and a younger one.  The women are all glad when it's their turn...yep, tickled pink.

Cody seems to prefer blonds but the wives have chosen a brunette this time, yeah, right...the wives chose her!!!  Note in the picture above how skinny she is, how much younger she is and then how far she is standing away from the group.

Don't get me wrong, I LIKE this family.  They seem to instill values and respect and the children are happy.  Who wouldn't be?  One mom is home all the time, loves kids and loves to cook.  Two or three moms were working and dad had a job...this is a successful family. Four family houses, four incomes, multiple cars...it just boggles my mind.

...and how about yard work?  They have teenagers and they all help with yard work.  Did I say this was a reality show?  They even can afford to go on vacations! Sounding more like fiction all the time.

I wonder if the wives ever trade nights?  Does Meri get first choice since she is First Wife?  Does Cody ever say, not tonight, honey, I just want to snuggle?

I think I could do this!  Come in from work and someone else has done the shopping, the cooking, and it's not my night...hurray!!!  Four pay checks, and if you don't want to talk to your kids, send 'em to the other mom.

Seriously, I do like this show.  I like the people.  I can't wait to see what happens next.


Jules said...

LOL, I haven't seen the show but you make me want to find answers to all your questions. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Gail, I watched this show last year. I was intrigued..just my opinion..they are a normal loving family. The first wife Meri does seem to get jealous sometimes, she is the only legal marriage, the other marriages are all "spirtual". The kids all seem well loved and I really like Christine, she is so motherly all the kids love her. I am sure this life style has benefits and all the people involved would have to be really committed to the relationship. I had not heard that they moved..I will have to catch up on TLC they do some repeats sometimes.
Back in the 60's there were lots of communes, free love and all that but no one took responsibility like this group seems to be doing.
I wouldn't be able to anything like that..too conservative:)

Country Gal said...

To me this religin is degrating I feel its just a way for a guy to have his cake and eat it to ! lets say veriaty ! but then yet who am I to say whats right and whats not !

Lorraine said...

I know you never said it on here, but loved your comment about talking to the animals - I can't believe they don't talk back and hold a conversation with you. I'm sure they do in their own way, you keep chatting xx

LindaG said...

I won't watch it. It's fine for them, I guess, but I couldn't do it, either.

Don't get me wrong, I can definitely see your side, but it's not my cup of tea.

Now 19 Kids and counting? We watch every show.
Kate plus 8? Not watched it since he quit his job. We knew right then their marriage was doomed.
Deadliest Catch - Yuppers.
Swamp People? You betcha.
Swamp Brothers? Nope.
Ice Pilots, yes.
Flying Wild Alaska, yes.
Ice Road Truckers - probably not much longer. Don't like the new setting.
Dirty Jobs. Yup. :)
Swamp Loggers - Not yet, but I'd like to.
Ax Men - Only to watch Shelby.

Um... Have a good Wednesday! :)

Rudee said...

I've long maintained that I need a wife. I want one who cooks, cleans, walks the dog, weeds the garden and can carry on a conversation. She can even snuggle with my husband when he's on my last nerve. She just needs to stay the hell away from my yarn studio. That I will not share.

carolina nana said...

Not for me,I can't stand drama !
And I've learned through work and other things that a group of women are not going to get along all the time.
Wonder if they will show the reality of the trouble with living like this.
I had read something about maybe this show but what I read said the wives were all indeed sisters.

Hope you have a blessed day.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Once your on TV nothing makes you normal again. They all moved to Las Vegas because they think anything goes thee. All of them gave up their jobs and now need to find new ones. Even in the other big house they all had their own living quarters so they don't get thrown together all the time. as a matter of fact the last show 2 of the women were stating how great it was to have theirown houses. if not for the finances they get from the show then they would be in deep doodah. and there is another baby on the way. I find it interesting but a wreck none the less.

Sue said...

Never seen it, but your viewpoint on it cracks me up!


Rob said...

I think I will just stick with the one wife thank you.

Ann said...

My husband can't even handle just me, watched on CSI, one idiot with 3 idiot sis-wives.

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