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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Slapped Us In The Face...

this week.  No gentle spring temperatures to enjoy...It is flat dab hot!  The too much rain has slowly left and the ground is already cracking.  Things continue to grow.
Note the tails...
the flies are out of hiding,
and torture my horses.  I must use the fly wipe.

It was an interesting night.  Hubby shot at and MISSED a critter after the chickens.  He could not hold the light and aim...my fault, I was sleeping.  We suspect it is a bobcat.  Hubby said it growled!

We have a bird at the pond, we cannot identify that is eating our bull frogs.  Black with a red head and hubby says it has never flown but runs across the water weeds and into the woods...I am calling it The Water Walker until we know.

Hubby also found a corn snake today and I haven't seen one of those since I was a child.  The bugs are eating every thing! 

Ki-Anne is driving me crazy finding terrapins.  She has found her voice and she lets the world know when she spies a terrapin.  I have to go look because I want her to tell me when there is a snake, but not when it's just a terrapin!!!  I tell her, leave it, she moves on and then rediscovers the terrapin after he has crawled a hundred feet and there we go again.

Mr I Can Drive Because Doc Said So has been driving every thing.  Fixing fence, welding the bush hog, hunting critters, fishing for supper, and getting cattle ready for market.  Did I mention it was hot???
As I sit inside, with the AC on, I am proud of the workers but I put my nine hours in today and I am relaxing.
Think I might get fired?


Teresa aka JW said...

Nope, they won't fire their most important...boss!

I wonder what the bird is. I've spotted a funny looking bird for this area too.

Country Gal said...

NAAAA you wont get fired !
Wonder what type of bird it is ? As a kid on the farm we had Raccoons after the chickens and they also growl nasty things they are but also cute at times lol , Hubby is stuborn , like the rest of us lol. Miggy does the same thing with Rabbits, Squirrels and other cats I am always telling her to leave it and boy does she get pissed when they are on her property and also lets everyone one know of it by barking her head off ! Have a great day !

Buttons said...

Fired I have been trying to get that for years no luck. LOL
Tell husband to slow down darn men. Take care B

the canned quilter said...

Yep the hot weather and bugs have found us here in North Central Missouri also! Temps in the 90's forecasted for the nest 4 days. I am not complaining though. Just a few months ago they were using a backhoe to dig us out from under the snow....atleast i am not snowed in : )

Judy said...

Yep, hot weather is such fun...not...some nice warm, balmy spring weather would be nice... wonder what the bird is??

EmptyNester said...

If they don't fire you, you can always quit! LOL

I hope whatever is growling out there doesn't get too close! I'm not a fan of growling things.

Can't wait to hear what kind of bird you have--please let us know when you find out! And get a picture if you can...but not of the growling thing...we don't want you to risk life and limb for a picture of a growling thing.

LindaG said...

Ki-Anne is funny, hehe. And yes, it has been hot!
You might try searching the Cornell online bird guide. You can find it here: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/Page.aspx?pid=1189
That's how I identified the owls we heard or saw at the farm. :)

I feel for your horses. Mosquitoes and I are the same way!

ellen abbott said...

it is so hot here. they're already talking about triple digits and it's just now June. it's not supposed to be this hot til August. and dry. one day of rain and now none since.

Rudee said...

Is The Water Walker a turkey vulture with a broken wing? Can't really think of anything else. Maybe NC Mountain Woman would know. She's got remarkable bird sense, but your bird sounds like a raptor and the vulture is all I can come up with.

I have a hard time with worms...don't think I'd do well with snakes.

Sue said...

Sounds like the hubby needs a straight jacket!


DesertHen said...

You can send some of that heat this way! We had a temp of 41 degrees today...that was the high! Had snow this morning too! Grrrrrr!

Sounds like all of the wet weather is bringing out lots of critters!

Nora said...

You have a stubborn husband who is overdoing it and I don't think you'll get fired. You are the boss, after all.

I don't know about all those strange critters around there. We don't have anything like it here. I wouldn't know how to identify them as a Dutch town woman. The most exotic thing we have here are hedgehogs.

Take care of the dangerous ones when they growl. I don't want you to get bit.

Jules said...

I SO understand the heat, we've had it since Sunday. LOL, The Water Walker... They can't fire the cook. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Pat said...

I've got to admit - I've never heard of a "terrapin" until I read your blog. Don't laugh.

Pat said...

I've got to admit - I've never heard of a "terrapin" until I read your blog. Don't laugh.

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