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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Making A Sign: The Wrong Way

and the right way.  I had this wonderful brain storm for a shop sign.  I have lots of ice cream bucket lids and they never seem to equal the number of buckets I have.  So I gathered eight lids.
And painted them
Not exactly the order this should be done.
I trimmed the edge off so I would have a flat surface.
Again, NOT the order in which this should be done.
Here's where my idea is headed.
Cut a letter, attach magnetic tape, attach said letters to metal sign.
Once again, this is not the way to do this.
First cut your letters
then paint
then add strips of magnetic tape
to the back
not the front.
The sticky will pull the paint off
and how will the letter work with the magnet on the front???
Do not draw the letter on the back...
it will be backwards!
Draw the letter on the paint 
that should not have been there yet.
Attach the tape to the BACK of the letter
Remember to turn the letters over
paint them
somewhere you do not want the letters to show 
on the ground!!!
Now the metal sign is changeable
and is hammered to China in the ground.
So you can take the letters in
when the day is done.
I'm afraid I spelled it wrong!
I have added dark green to my techno-colored hands
while this guy laughed
the entire time!


Saucy Kodz said...

I love the story, the attempt and the finish and I agree with the green guy at the end. he,he Also, I love the ring - WOW

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow Gail - great idea for the extra lids :)

Sandra said...

I am joining the gator in laughing all the way through this tale of tall signs... ones that are hammered into china... LOL ROFL... more laughter at the speckled hands.. but i must say the sign WORKS.. and it makes a super funny post.... and you do have an open sign and no one will know it was plastic lids.. except us of course and my lips are sealed

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I chuckled all the way through this! Nothing like doing it all out of order to add a few extra steps.

TexWisGirl said...


Lynne said...

What fun . . . you gotter done though!

Linda Wildenstein said...

I sometimes get started in the middle and work my way to the end too. But by golly, it got done and that's what matters.
Your ring is delightful. And the green guy at the end is too. Linda

A Quiet Corner said...

Next time you'll know better!...:)JP

Sandy said...

Great idea for the sign out on the street. This way it will bring more customers in and at the end of the day, the letters can be removed.

Speckled fingers go good with the ring and the alligator :-)

Linda Kay said...

You look like me....really get into your work, literally!

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