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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dentists and Dogs

We'll not speak of the dentist except to say the staff almost makes it a joy to have a drill in your mouth.
Some trees are showing color.  After our first frost little Lizzy will blend right in.  Hope that's a long way down the road.
Lil checking the spring pond filled with cat tails.
Lil is THE water dog
Stalking water skaters
Still looking
 The water cress is showing new growth along with mushrooms popping up.  Rain was good.
But signs of fall
beginning to show.


A Quiet Corner said...

We have lots of leaves already down....yours are on the way!...:)JP

Sandra said...

fall is on the way is what the one red and one gold leaf is telling you. i have not seen water skaters in many a year.. lizzie and lil are having a blast

Linda Kay said...

Gail, Lil reminds me of my Polly...always looking for something to make a move so she can chase it down.

TexWisGirl said...

sweet water pup.

Karen S. said...

I adore your pup photos! Yes, we are having signs of autumn too. Even had frost a couple, maybe more than that times. But it's in the high 60's and they promise the 70's for the next couple of days. Yes, in Minnesota! But that can be scary, we've gone from nearly 80 degrees to a snow blizzard the next day. Yikes.

Lynne said...

It is here in full force, frosty mornings too. We arrived home to fallen leaves and seven hours of raking, blowing, mowing, hauling . . . like I said!
Hope the teeth, dentist trip turned out ok!

Sandy said...

Lil is enjoying the water and those critters moving around.

Fall has arrived, and now we get to watch the fall show leaves changing colors.

Mary Ann said...

Gail, your pictures are beautiful!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That means cooler weather! Bring it on.
It's not the drill but the pick that gets me. All the advancements in medicine and they still use that crappy metal pick.

Susan Kane said...

Heard there had been a bad storm (tornado?) over Arkansas. You okay?

The simple leaf in water is so much better than a mass in a tree. says more.

Michaele said...

What a joy to have that live water on your place!

McGuffy Ann Morris said...

I love walking with you and the dogs. Yes, autumn is in the air.

DesertHen said...

We had our first frost here a week or so back! The trees are turning and it really does feel like Fall!

Susan Anderson said...

Great pics.

And isn't it amazing how much difference it makes when you like the staff at your dentist's office?


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