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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heart Day

It was hubby's day to check to see if he had a heart. I thought, okay, pretty country around Mountain Home, so I'll take my camera.

We began the trip early because hubby knew every slow poke in the world would be in front of him on the way there and he would be late. Gosh, let's try a little positive thinking here!

Speeding along at seventy on the crooked roads is not good for picture taking. Hubby says, honey I'll slow down if you want to take pictures so he slows to fifty-five in a forty-five zone. We approach the dam on Norfork Lake. What a great opportunity to take a picture...not!

There are warning signs, stop ahead, men at work...he flies over the dam. I say, you ran that stop light, he said what stop light. I said the one they sat up because they are working on the dam.

Can you see this stop light?

Flying low, I tried to capture the water.

Here's proof I am telling the truth.

I resort to taking pictures out the back window as we fly by.

PS. The doc says he still has a heart, but I'm giving him his head on a platter.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gosh! Are you sure our hubbies aren't related? Talk about impatient. He stresses me out and I'm usually calm.

Your pictures cracked me up!


C-ingspots said...

I can relate!! I hate it when my hubby drives - he goes too fast to suit me. Except when he's hauling the horses, then he slows down for their sakes...what about my sake??
Wouldn't it be fun to just give em a good thunk every so often?? :)

Sarah said...

You are a funny lady, Gail! Love the photos. S

Peggy said...

Thanks so much for the good laugh today. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I had a good chuckle over this one. Sounds so familiar.

Rudee said...

I am learning all kinds of things today. Over at Brenda's site I learned men have brains-they just think differently, and over here, I learned they have hearts. Well sheesh! I'm gonna hang up my stethoscope. Who knew?

tiffany said...

LOL my husband would have been one of the sloooooow pokes in front of him! Plenty of chances for still pics when you ride with him :o(

Treasia said...

Even at 55 to 70 mph they still turned out nicely. I love Mt. Home and all the surrounding area. Gorgeous place. Do you remember Peals Resort? I wonder if it's still there. We used to stay there when I was younger and living at home with mom and dad.

Carla said...

After trying to take pictures while driving, I realized THAT wasn't working, so I've now tried out the passenger window, and like you, my driver DOESN'T help, means well, but doesn't help:)
{I see the stop light}

Jeannelle said...

Nice scenes from your journey! May hour hubby have a healthy heart for many, many years!

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