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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Multi-Blogger Hits Again

I really try to just do one post a day but sometimes they just fall out of me onto the screen and I hit post before I realize I have already done it before and before...

The weather is not a good topic right now for many folks. Some are in high water and some in deep s---.  Snow above us, tornadoes below us and in between rain. If the front moves, just a little, we could have any of these. My bones say rain and lots of it.

I have decided to share Marcy's pictures to start your day with lots of spring flowers. She has a new camera and is loving it.

No matter what kind of weather you are having, grab a chair and enjoy Marcy's view of spring.


Gigi Ann said...

Very lovely spring pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Treasia Stepp said...

Flowers and springtime. So beautiful.

Rudee said...

My hope for you is that you get nothing that needs shoveling. Just a nice gentle, steady rain. We're getting rain too, but our moving day forecast looks perfect. 53 and sunny.

Irene said...

That was very enjoyable and very welcome on this cold and gray day when it refuses to be spring. Such beautiful tulips. Standing so upright and proud as becomes them. Two very inviting chairs for a cup of coffee maybe?

allhorsestuff said...

I have not opened the curtains yet, but can hear the drizzling noises of our Oregon Sprintime outside.
I love the Adarondacks...so very cozy!(sorry if I spelled it incorrectly...couldn't find it in the dictionary!)
Hay...come on over for a hilarious video and a hearty laugh!!!

C-ingspots said...

Hay Gail, we are on the path today. My post isn't finished yet, but I finally dumped my pictures I've been taking the last couple of weeks and am ready to post "Signs of Spring". Today, we have rain too...warmish and wet. We're back to our temperate Oregon climate. Hope yours stays quiet too.

Carla said...

Despite the threats, spring springs on:)
Love that rock table!
Love the beauty that surrounds you:)

Jeannelle said...

The flowers are beautiful! And, the chairs look very inviting!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bev took some lovely photos.

Are those two chairs waiting for the two of us to sit and chat with some drinks and a few snacks as we gaze at the flowers, horses, dogs and chickens?
I would SO love that, Gail :)

Right now, here it is snowing and gusting 50-60mph winds. Winter is not yet through with us here.

Your Spring photos warm my heart.


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