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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Work, we won't even go there...wish I did not have to go.  I think my favorite part of the last two weeks is all the on line training. When do I have time to train when I am trying to run a business?  Also the new and improved, cut down on paper work brain child of a moron program that we are required to use that is not available half of the time has been a joy and a delight.  Enough said, I will not make it ruin my evening too.

I was sorting my emails to place all my wonderful comments in a row without any interference from the junk mail when I decided, boy if only these were true!  I could lose a hundred pounds collectively is just a few days, lower my interest rates and rake in the money from twenty foreign citizens who have chosen me especially because of my sweetness and my ability to help other people.  I could do all this while sporting an enormous erection that would please any one. I love the junk mail.

I did notice I am posting for the eight hundred eighty-eighth time and thought that was very special.  That someone is  reading my blog is amazing and I savor each comment like I would expensive dark chocolate.

Thank you for making this possible.

I thought it might be fun to answer some questions...any one  have a question for me?


Lori E said...

Oh, I didn't know we worked together. Hmm.
We are trying to be paperless and then our supervisor goes and prints a bunch of colour motivational posters to put all around the office.
That is a lot of posts. Wow. Job well done. Where is the chocolate you promised?

the canned quilter said...

I laughed so hard! You have junk mail like me. It must be our winning personalities : )

Linda in New Mexico said...

888? Oh my stars....you are my hero. Love it, hard working, saying it like it is you.

Holistic Horse Care said...

888 is a very lucky number in this part of the world!

Nora said...

Do you have a spare bedroom at your farm?

Journaling Woman said...

Congrats to you, girl.

Question: If you could choose your job, including any dream, talent or skill, what would it be?

Another question: Would this choice of job be the same as when you were in high school?

An English Shepherd said...

Congratulations on 888 almost my favourite pastime of, ate ate ate ;-)


Rudee said...

That's a lot of posts, Gail, and I think I've read most of them. Thanks for entertaining me 888 times.


Pat said...

Did you work at the Post Office all your life, and if so, did you start out as a mail carrier?

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