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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Late Calving

I know I would be hanging in the shade.
The heat and the insects are horrible.
They are treated but the bugs still attack.

These are the early calves.
Old baby with new baby, not even dry.
Doesn't take long for one to dry in this heat.
I can imagine how miserable the mothers are,
bags stretched to the limits,
and then going into labor.
I do not envy them.
I do honor them.
They are all good mothers.


Judy said...

Why do so many animals have an easy time with motherhood and we people make it big problems???

Linda in New Mexico said...

Yay for good mothers everywhere. I just love cows faces. Their eyes are so deep looking. Like they hold the mysteries of time in there. I know say what? I just love cows. says The Olde Bagg

Rudee said...

Moo. ;-)

Pat said...

I hate when one fly lands on me; I can't imagine the poor cows and many flies! The baby calves are adorable!

Nora said...

I love cows and baby calves are the cutest. I can't imagine people eating them.

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