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Friday, June 11, 2010

A View From The Edge

I have always wanted to use your title, Pat

Pat has asked if I have worked for the postal service all my life and if so, did I start as a mail carrier?

I worked through high school for the county assessor's office.  After we got married, we moved to the big town of Guion Arkansas, right on White River.  Hubby's job was there and we were ready to raise a family. 
The post office in Guion needed a clerk and they were giving the test...the BIG test, not the little one they have now (The test has been simplified because not enough minorities were passing it, not my words).

The owner of one of the general stores stayed after me to take the test.  Got tired of listening to him so signed up.  Five people showed up to take the test, three passed, one went to another office and I was chosen from the two left.

Worked there a couple of years, Melbourne needed a clerk so I transferred.  I worked in Melbourne for over five years and started working at Batesville nights.  When a city carrier position opened, I slipped right in.  Yes, Pat, I was a street walker with the little blue shorts and the whole nine yards.  Did that ten years until I got hit by a truck when I was crossing the street, lady ran a red light.  That brought me inside and I supervised and clerked and waited for an opening to leave. 

Became postmaster in '93 in Locust Grove and became Brockwell Postmaster in '97.  About five years ago I received a promotion and have been postmaster in Mt Pleasant since then.  I am now only nine miles from my home.

I have seen many changes.  It has been a wonderful career but I think the best part will be when I retire.


Pat said...

Hey - thanks for the shout out!

I don't know, the street walkers I know, well, wait, I don't actually KNOW any, but I've seen some on TV, probably wore shorts a LOT shorter than yours! LOL!

Geez, you gotta be hit by a TRUCK to make supervisor? That Post Office is TOUGH!!!

Thanks for answering my question.

Inquiring minds want to know.....

Nora said...

You got hit by a truck? That must have been awful! Could you tell that story?

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I can not wait until I can retire! I will be 62 in December but health insurance will keep me from retiring at that time.

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