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Friday, June 18, 2010

Eating Ice Cream

directly from the container has such a wonderful feeling.  I have never done this before but last night I decided to experience it.

I have a Texas gallon (a gallon plus) of ice cream in a bucket.  Chocolate Revel was the flavor, vanilla with wonderful swirls of chocolate syrup mixed through out.

So, I think, I want ice cream but am too lazy to make a bowl.  I don't want much, just a few bites and back goes the bucket to the freezer...that was my plan. 

I select a spoon and rip off the lid of my huge Texas gallon and start to have a new experience.

Now I know why I see so many doing this on tv!

I rake my spoon slowly along the surface of the frozen ice cream.  The ice cream shaves off in a thin film of delectable culinary delight.  I place said spoon in my mouth and immediately am transported to Paradise.

Something about the thin slivers attack my taste buds in a way a mere spoon of ice cream has never done.  I taste the delicate vanilla and the comforting taste of chocolate is separate and equally delightful. 

I must have another.  The ice cream flavors assault my senses as I stand in the kitchen with a empty spoon in my hand, I know I am lost.

...so I have another bite, and another.  The joy does not lessen with each spoonful, but instead increases.  I am lost.

I truly understand now why people eat from the container.  I also understand why this ice cream is called Chocolate Revel.


ellen abbott said...

mmmm, ice cream.

Nora said...

Shame on you! Getting all your germs on the communal ice cream! How much of it did you eat?

The Farmers Oldest Daughter said...

Good for You!!! Every once in awhile we have to do that.


Carla said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, pardon me, I must go get a napkin and wipe the drool from my chin.......

Rudee said...

Guess what I'm going to do to a half gallon of Haagen Daaz peach ice cream today? Mmmmmmmmm.

Pat said...

Oh, c'mon Nora, who said Gail is going to SHARE that ice cream? Plus, the germs will probably freeze to death to no problemo.

(I told you that I "taste" the ice cream every time we buy it to make sure it's not poisoned before my husband eats it. You know, only doing what every good wife should do!)

Rae said...

Yummy. Sounds like a good thing to do to me. Why dirty a bowl anyway?

Rural Rambler said...

Gail that has been a lifetime of restraint! I can't imagine. I love to eat ice cream out of the container, like at ten in the morning if I like. But I'm really bad, I am an out of the container eater-cottage cheese, cold pasta, leftovers, olives, pickles. For some reason I think it isn't really eating and no calories are involved. You will have me looking for Chocolate Revel tomorrow.

Rising Rainbow said...

Now I'm hungry for ice cream and there's none ot be found in my freezer. That really sucks!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

No ice cream in my freezer, but yes, I have done the eating from the container...ummm...a few too many times to count.
I usually do it with a pint of Ben and Jerry's though. I think there is supposed to be something like 3-4 servings per pint.

Ahhh, yes, but when you eat from the bucket, each scoop carries you away to blissdom and before you know it your spoon is scraping the bottom. gah!

I wonder how long I'd have to shovel manure to burn off a pint of Ben & Jerry's anyway?

Enjoy your I Scream!



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