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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Somehow Post Nine Hundred...

slipped right by me without a celebration.  How did that happen?  I guess I am enjoying it so much, I don't need to count any more.  Thank you, every one.
The weekend work has cleared
and today is showing reflections.
The lone dead tree is our woodpecker tree.
The garden continues to bear despite the heat.
The money plant seeds are almost ready.
Please be sure to let me know
Who wants seeds.
This outer brown will shed
and the plant will be full of "silver dollars".
Birds love the wild cherries
and they make great jelly.
The grapes and plums are looking great.

Even knowing that come January,
Hubby has no job,
I am grateful
and life is good At The Farm.


Far Side of Fifty said...

No job come January?? I am so sorry to hear that news..he isn't just retiring is he? I hit 900 a few days ago, wanna race to 1000?? :(

Bernie said...

Crops of veggies look great. Congratulatins on your 9000 post!!!! Wow!!! That is a lot of writing! You should make it into a book of farm life or something like that.

Sorry your husband is losing is job in January. Never know though what might happen between now and then. Sometimes the unexpected turns out better than we think. Tell us more about the farm stuff. I love to hear and see the horses and the others things as well.

Jo said...

Congratulations on post 900. I'm sorry to hear about your hubby not having a job come January. Does he have other prospects? Bless you my friend. Jo

Rudee said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry about the job.

I hope you get the right amount of rain you need. Nothing more, please. I'm impressed by the bounty of your garden.

Pat said...

Sorry to hear about your husband's job ending in January. Will he retire?

If I had a place to live I might just take you up on those seeds from the money plant. Wait. Does it grow money?

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