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Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Muddy Fun

Zander must always have a stick.
Oh, my gosh, what is this stuff on my feet?
We compare our mud.
and head to the creek.
Another new experience!
We finally started splashing,
after we removed that disgusting mud.
Notice the boys have never left him.
With clean feet, we return happily to the sand.
Nana's got alotta training to do
about the fun of getting dirty.


Rural Rambler said...

Sweet pictures of Zander Gail. I love his little legs and feet :) I am sure Grandma will instruct him well in the art of barefootin'!

the canned quilter said...

What a Cutie! Are those Rat Terriers? I used to have a Rat Terrier named Cricket and she was the best dog with kids.

Rudee said...

You are a wonderful mentor to this sweet boy. I want to come down there and get my own feet muddy now.

ellen abbott said...

Funny how some kids are about getting dirty.

Nora said...

As long as the mud is not cold, I wouldn't mind getting in there myself. If zander can do it, then so can I. It's good to go barefoot. It gives a little kis a good sense of balance and a good connection to Mother Earth.

Pat said...

Zander is like your doggie, is it Maggie May, forever with a stick!

Nothing like barefooting it in the mud! Too cute!

becky said...

dirt is good! i've always liked playing in the mud... as a kid, and still today!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Ohhhhh mud. Zander is adorable. Yay, toddler toes and mud, a perfect combo.

Kate said...

Oh, how fun. And, cute chubby toes to boot! :))

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