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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Running With Dogs...

The morning sun was beautiful.
The air was cooler
after our wonderful evening shower.
We headed up the mountain, bright and early.
See Lil's stick. She hauled one all the way.
Guess who threw it for her,
all the way up and down the mountain.
A good time was had by all.
Big dog, little dog tracks
Audra is big!
She answers better to Audra
than Audrey so I guess she has changed her name.
The Grey Ghost of dogdom
is fitting right in.
My sister, Beverly, has fallen in love.
Audra probably weighs more than she does.
Remind me again,
I am supposed to find her a home,
Not keep her here!


Nora said...

I wonder if it's only your sister who has fallen in love with her and whose house will she stay at?

Linda in New Mexico said...

well maybe........maybe not

Pyatshaw said...

You must have a very understanding husband!!!!
She looks as though she has fitted in well with all the other dogs.

Lori E said...

Even I am tempted by Audra. She is a stunner. Love the footprints.

Sarah said...

gosh - what gorgeous photos! I especially love the sunlight in the first one. Beautiful! S

Anonymous said...

I love evening walks, and taking my dog or the babies along makes it more fun. They see and smell so many interesting things along the way, things I might have missed otherwise.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What's one more anyway? lol!
She looks like silver velvet. Lovely!

We've had rain and hail here the past couple days, ever afternoon. Once it's over, the air is so fresh, clean and smells like everything has been given a crisp cool bath. The air is alive with the scent of pinon and juniper trees. ahhh! Love it!


Anonymous said...

Keep her, keep her, KEEP HER!!!

Pat said...

That first picture is gorgeous! I love how all the dogs just accept new members to the pack.

Audra changed her name to start her new life AT THE FARM.

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