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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row

Cattails in a pond, stuff a pillow, eat the root,
make baskets from the shoots.
Cultivated clouds in the sky
 tell me, it's staying dry.
Wonder if the ant wives complain
about the dirt tracked in after a rain.

For some fun,
show your rows
Join Pat
for the show.


Buttons said...

Oh I do love your things in a row. About the ants I bet they do:) B

SaucyKod said...

Great photo of the cattails in the pond and good to know about eating the root - what do they taste like and how would you cook em? The making of baskets I heard of - KOOL
Your cultivated clouds here we call a Mackeral Sky and in this part of the world, it means rain is coming. This is a really nice photo with sun peeking through and fence posts.
Have a great day :)

Dreaming said...

Love your clouds.
I haven't seen cattails for ages!

TexWisGirl said...

you're so clever. :)

Sue said...

Another winner!

Really good one, Gail.


Pat said...

Boy the things I could learn if I stayed At the Farm! Sigh!

Ellie said...

I love your comment about the ants - really made me smile. Can you imagine the arguments? :))

LindaG said...

I didn't know you could eat cat tail roots. I had heard of eating the 'heads' before.
Learned something new! :o)

Anonymous said...

Haha, it almost looks like it was raining ant hills.


Sandra said...

i bet they dooooo, i feel so silly, i have looked at those calves every single time i come to your blog and ONLY today read the click on it to this blog. did not know you had this one.

A Quiet Corner said...

Cool things in a row!!...:)JP

SaucyKod said...

Hi There - back with some info. If you go into my previous posts, on June 11,2011, I posted on my Mackeral Sky in reference to your "Cultivated clouds in the sky tell me, it's staying dry". Also, a ring around the Sun here indicates foul weather coming - wondering if that is the same for you? Cheers n have a great day.

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