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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Discovery...Poetry Jam

I found a new challenge...I'm really challenged every day but I mean a creative challenge.  I need them you know because I head in many directions with my words.
Sometimes they are loud, sometimes soft but I keep 'em comin'.  I hope you're never bored here.
The new playground I just discovered has many participants.  This week's Poetry Jam is Shadows.

The mushroom cast a shadow
In early morning sun
Little did it know by Eve
Evil would be done.
The lady picked so carefully
The edible with the bad
No one would suspect her
For the death of the loathsome cad.
Carefully cleaning all the fungi
She prepared a meal
It was difficult
Her wounds were not yet healed.
The Cad had killed her husband
Her soul mate for life
The selfish little monster
Wanted her for his wife.
The lady had no choice
And stayed to protect her child
But the things that happened
Were absolutely wild.
She sliced and diced
The morsels she'd chosen
Battered and cooked them right
Fresh and not frozen.
With the child asleep
Fires carefully tended
They sat down to dine
One bite and his life ended.
No remorse did she display
Bruises unhealed from the night before
They came to take her away
She sweetly smiled as he lay on the floor.
They declared self defense
her daughter they didn't take her
Eve got a good job
She's the town's new baker.


Sandra said...

please send me the name of that bakery HA HA

Sandra said...

i meant so i would not go there another ha

TexWisGirl said...

i'm laughing at sandra's reaction. i think bob better look out!

you're always killing somebody.

Sue said...

Ahhh, the mushroom cure...


LindaG said...

Yeah. Good one, Gail. I like happy endings. ;o)

Lynne said...

You are "jamming!"

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