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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row...

Today's rows are rusty
With many stories to to tell
An iron bedstead from family past
Rising and faring well.
This one will grace the plum room
Housing the casual guest
Where my father lay before
And my grandfather laid to rest.
I have some work to do
Removing two wheels
Getting it ready for the room
That was my ideal..
This rust and paint
Shall remain for all to see
Just like my wrinkles
They are memories to me. 

These rows are for the challenge
Join  Pat's listing
You'll have fun I pledge


Terri Buster said...

I still have my grandfather's iron bed up in my attic. Sweet memories!

Lynne said...

Love the iron bed and your gift of rhyme.

Pat said...

There is a show on TV called "Junk Gypsies" where two sisters go around collecting junk and then changing it just a little only to sell it for a lot more money. They took these old, RUSTY iron patio chairs and painted them with about a 2" brush so it wouldn't get into the nooks and crannies. The rust showed through in many places. It was very cool looking. You could do the same with the headboard and paint it white. That would look awesome against your "pink" walls!

Sandra said...

this old bed is worthy of american pickers show that we love. frank loves rusty things. glad you are gettig closer to the completed plum room

Jim said...

Nice poem, Gail. I like your bed, before my sister took mine and the folks banished me to sleeping on the enclosed unheated front portch, frost and all, until I left home.

I'd recommend some wD40 and a bigger hammer to help taking thosw wheels off.

All the iron junk on our Nebraska farm before we sold it was cut up with a welder by a high scholer cousing and sold for scrap.

Jim said...

The cousin got all the money for some of his teenage expenses like his truck, iPhone, etc.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Gail, love the rusty bedframe, looks wonderful. I like my old treasures to look old, chipped, ripped and rusty, if I want new, guess I would like modern, yuk!!!! Give your furbabies a big hug from me, Blessings Francine.

the canned quilter said...

I have two of those iron beds painted white that my girls used to sleep on when they were little. Baby Hank now sleeps on one and I think his mother painted it green. Those things are indistructable!

SaucyKod said...

Great poetic story and love the photos. I used to have a bed like that where I grew up. Somebody now has them at their cottage and painted them egshell white - they look so nice, new wheels n all.

Sandy said...

This bed frame will really look good in the bedroom. Love your poetry girl :-)

Buttons said...

Great poem Gail I like it as I love that bedframe.
I was sad to read Jim's comment poor Jim :) B

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos and rhyme . Have a good day !

DesertHen said...

Very cool rows! Love that frame!

Couldn't post my rows link over at Pat's because my URL was too long...something to do with my blog title. Blah!

But I did post my rows post this week over on my blog! =)

Irene said...

If I had my way, I'd be your guest and sleep in that bed some day. Of course, I always dream big. xox

LindaG said...

Great pictures and rhyme, Gail.
Have a wonderful Friday!

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