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Friday, February 8, 2013


The farm team has been busy this week.  They've dispatched two possums and one feral cat that was as big as Ki-Anne.  I suspect this was the chicken catcher/carrier we have been unable to catch.  The team continued their good work by sorting cattle by color when our neighbor's cows came to visit. This amazing team cut them out of the herd and sent them packing.  They knew exactly which cows were ours and which ones did not belong.  Dogs are an enjoyable essential tool to every thing we do here.

I have had two nephews to visit so things have been busy.  My sister is still remodeling my house to her specs.  They left today so I am going to run around with no clothes on and relax...kidding....not about relaxing.

The high line crews have been through and I ran them off.  I have no idea why they choose the wettest day to come with their big equipment and want in our fields.  Hubby told him them where to get in and I'll be darned if they didn't head up the road and came back to turn into our orchard.  I don't think so. Needless to say, they left.  Wednesday afternoon they were at the top farm with all their vehicles parked.  I begged Hubby to stop the truck and let me tell them we owned that land too.  He would not, said they had been scared enough this week.

I keep some secrets as we all do but now that the problem is solved, I am sharing.  We have been fighting the employee division of Arkansas since October 2012 because they insisted we owed them money from 2011. They've ignored my calls, my faxes, my certified letters, and my emails. They have threatened liens and garnishment of (what) wages!  Tuesday I called all the numbers I had and told them if the stress from this killed my Hubby, they would pay.  Amazingly I received three calls that very same day.  Wednesday the solution began.  Suddenly they were able to see Someone was working at a Mexican restaurant in Minnesota (with Hubby's SS#) and it wasn't my husband!!!

I have talked to the restaurant owner and in broken English I was told she no longer worked there.  I told him to correct his records because I had called his local police and the state of Minnesota and my police and they had better get this all corrected.  IN  BROKEN ENGLISH he tried to soothe me.  Told him the police were on the way.  I think maybe half his work crew may be missing tonight.  I sure am sad about that.  I have no problem with immigrants but let's do it legal, okay?

Have requested credit reports, completed all police forms and got a call Thursday afternoon informing us we have a zero balance owed.  I await the paper proof.

So the sad Wednesday story about the depressed woman in the house shoes was a cover for a vigilante farm girl who has had it with many injustices in my world.


Sandy said...


Do your dogs go after skunks too? Mine dogs stay away, far away from the skunks.

We have a skunk nest out the side of the property in the woods. You know when someone has attempted to cut throught the wooded area because the skunks skunk them. It's a great alert system, lol

I love seeing the posts on your dogs patroling the property and at work.

Oh.....that is fabulous news, the problem has been solved with the employee division. I'm very sorry to hear someone else was using your husbands social security number. Good thing you called the cops, made reports and requested your credit reports. I would also have those credit reporting companies place a security watch on his social security number. Yes, it can be inconvenient when your husband attempts to purchase something (he will need to verify who he is) but it will alert you everytime the number is used.

Workers attempting to cut through your property or use your land to get other things done can really be a nuisance. Good thing you didn't back down, and you stood your ground.

Today will be a wonderful day, now that your not having to deal with any more problems.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh Gail I couldn't help but laugh at the first part of your post....and wish I had your dogs for a day or two to get rid of the cats who continue to hunt the birds in my yard. :( We have neighbors who have a half dozen "yard cats" who, like cats will do, wander the whole neighborhood. I like cats but when I had one I kept him in the house. We don't live on a farm where a farm cat can be a good thing - we live in a neighborhood where a neighbor's cat leaves their poop in my flower bed, their muddy footprints on my car, and their dead birds (the parts they don't eat) scattered outside my deck.
As for the other part - my friend had her house broken into Christmas day. They stole some old checks she had failed to shred. The checks were on an account that was closed from a bank that is no longer open but a national chain store cashed one! That meant my friends checks on her real account signed by her would no longer be accepted there until she spent the time getting it straightened out. Good grief. blessings, marlene

Sandra said...

you go you female Charles Bronson... good idea on the stress killing your husband.. i am familar with this problem because i worked for a HR company and part of my job was to handle these type calls, it is a common occurence. smart dogs to know their own cows.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Oh my God, you just shut down a restaurant in Minnesota! Glad you got it straightened out though. Very scary someone was using is SSN.

Linda Wildenstein said...

Yeah for the strong women in the world and hallelujah that you got that straightened out. Stuff like that will just eat you up if you don't get it figured out. So glad for you.
Smart dogs, and enjoy your nekked day. Oma Linda

Dreaming said...

I am thinking I would not care to be on the receiving end .... I'd rather remain a friend! You sound tough!

Buttons said...

Wow that is scary I hope you get the paper work and confirmation. Oh I think that stress would kill any one. Glad it never came to that.
Dogs oh how I miss my protectors and helpers.
Take care and try to RELAX OK . Hug B

Irene said...

The dogs and you sure know how to get a job done. That was one heck of a tale. It read like an exciting movie script. Good for you! The Good Guy won!

TexWisGirl said...

what a mess! i SO hope this is done for you.

A Quiet Corner said...

Holy moose-poops! What a mess, Gail!...:)JP

C-ingspots said...

Damn woman, that is good news!! You had me worried for a bit there. So glad you've got things sorted out. Scary how they get someone else's ss# in the first place. You did what you had to do, restaurant owner obviously did not do his/her job. Now you can breathe a little easier tonight!

Dreaming said...

I am thinking I would not care to be on the receiving end .... I'd rather remain a friend! You sound tough!

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you got it cleared up.
Wow, welcome back!! I think it is important to take care of the injustices that come at us all of the time. Good for you!

McGuffy Ann said...

You are really something. I respect your creativity, but also your perseverence and strength. I wish we could sit down over coffee someday. You go Girl!

Michaele said...

You go girl! What a mess that was - but you did what you had to do and were very smart about it. Again - my hero (or heroine).

Lynne said...

Wow. . .WOW . . . you go girl,enough of THAT!

Rudee said...

What a mess, Gail!

Next time, don't tell hime you're calling the police. Tell him you're calling ICE. Most scoundrels of this type know exactly what ICE is.

In fact, you may want to get in touch with ICE to see if they can help.


Pat said...

It is amazing in this day and age with computers and such that someone can use another LIVING person's SSN. I heard it can be done with a deceased person's SSN because the number is NOT in the system, but, c'mon, don't computers talk to each other and match names and SSN'S? SERIOUSLY? Glad this is all straightened out!

AND glad the other cows went home.

Good doggies!

Have a better week! :)


Is that top photo of Ki-Anne. I remember when you got her and she was so little.
Happy to be back here and see the farm and see that you are still in charge!!!
Life sometimes can get pretty complicated but sounds as though you got all the issues settled for now.
Each day there is a new dilemma it seems.
Blessings to you and yours, Barb

Teresa Coltrin said...

I hate when people steel idenities. What a nightmare.

LindaG said...

Wow. Really glad you got all that straightened out, and that you found out about the mix-up with the Social Security number.

Have a wonderful evening, Gail. ♥

Sue said...

What a major pain. And kind of a violation as well. I'm so glad you've managed to straighten it out.

You are one heck of a woman.


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