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Thursday, February 28, 2013


The waters recede and even in that is beauty.  The roaring water has left a debris trail along the path of the creek.  The water begins to clear and the spring water crest is peeking through the crystal clear spring water.
This branch lies below our first spring that we do not use except to fill the creek for livestock.  This also carries the over flow from the "New" pond which is now over forty years old and the drainage from the surrounding hills.
The dogs join me...always.  They find things I can't see and share their discoveries with me.  The water is never too cold for Lil to wade.  Squiggs jumps the water if he can.
and Ki-Anne jump wide.
Lizzy assesses the situation and find a reasonable crossing and daintily tip-toes through the shallowest water she can find.

It remains a quiet Thursday At The Farm.  I have a leak on the screen porch to repair, chimney flashing to caulk, branches to pile and washes to fill but today this moment I enjoy the abundance of water hoping it stays with us through the growing times when it's needed the most.

My crock pot croaked today while I cooked deer stew.  I finished a Greg Iles thriller. This guy's mind and talent amaze me.  As I ramble I begin to understand retirement.  It is the time you can test the water, smell the roses, read the thrillers while helping family when you are needed.  

I write down appointments for doctors on calendars for Hubby and Marcy and dental for Andrew and ignore my teeth and eyes.  The right time will come when I can do that.  Now is the time to help others who would do the same for me. Between the appointments and obligations I draw my strength from the land around me.

...and write really boring posts to share with you.


SaucyKod said...

What you think is boring is a wonderful introduction to your land, creek and happy dogs. You share your day with us. You share the love of your land and your dogs, your daily life.For me, it is very wonderful to follow you along your creek bed and wonder if your will find another ancient treasure washed up onto the sand or gravel, from the rushing water of the latest rain storm. For me, that treasure is when I go to the beach after each new tide or storm and walk in anticipation of what has been left for me to discover. I for one, do not find your posts boring - thanks a bunch and have a great day.
p.s. Nice photos - neat to hear how each dog goes across or into the water in their own particular manner.

Sandy said...


Your posts are never boring. I enjoy following you on your walks through the woods and by the water. Beautiful creek, crystal clear. I hope the water continues to flow with no signs of drought. Making for a great planting season.

Why is it as a mother, grandmother, and wife we always take care of everyone in the family and take care of ourselves last? I do exactly the same thing.

Deb said...

My dog Rooster and my granddog Ginger would love it there... They play in water year around

Manzanita said...

Can't have too much water. Our most precious commodity.
I put together this summer, the contents of 3 houses and narrowed it down to one small apt. size. I found 5 crock pots. I wasn't aware they ever croaked. Ha

Sandra said...

your post are a far cry from boring, i love looking at the dogs and the creek and would love to wade in that creek, but not in winter.

the canned quilter said...

Boring never! You can tell in every post how much you love that land and that family of yours.


What lovely words you write painting a picture of your life on the farm. I love creeks, blame my childhood living with one on our property.
I believe this is one of your best posts. When we write from the heart it cannot help but touch the hearts of others - this one did that for me. Thank you for giving me a gracious and peaceful and lovely start to my day. Blessings to you and yours.
Tip from another nurturer: take care of you as well as the others. You'll wear out and not be able to caretake any longer. Believe me - I know.

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LindaG said...

I didn't see anything boring. I saw some great pictures.
You be careful caulking that chimney.
*hugs* ♥

TexWisGirl said...

always love to walk along with your pups. never boring.

Jenny said...


Heck no!

These were great. This really makes me remember days when I lived back East.

The mud. The grey. The boots pulling off!


Neat post!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Never boring!
And after that hole in your boot, I bet you can verify that the water is cold.

McGuffy Ann said...

You are never boring. Thanks for sharing life at the farm!

Dawn said...

Oh how I wish I was there...your pups look to be having way too much fun:)

Brian Miller said...

deer stew...now that does not sound bad at all...ack on the crock going out....i envy your nature a bit and being out with the dogs....before i worked a 'day job' i had a lot more time out there.....

Farm Girl said...

NOT EVER BORING!!! Life is never boring and you always have such great insights. Not to mention I love seeing all of that water. The dogs and things you do in your life.
I am always thankful for people who like to share their life with me.
Thank you.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Boring..I think not..maybe to you..but not to your readers. I kinda like everyday life:)

DesertHen said...

New things uncovered and discovered...with receding water and retirement! Not boring at all!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Not boring - enlightening. I think your life is so much like that of all mothers. I remember reading somewhere a comment a woman made about her mother - "I just thought she liked the wings when we had chicken; I didn't realize she was giving up for us." Maybe the definition of mother should be: sacrifice. blessings, marlene

Sue said...

Not boring to me. I love reading about your life at the farm.

And it's funny. I seem to be more wrapped up in my family's health than my own, too. I need to change that. Soon.


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