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Friday, March 27, 2009

Things Were Bugging Me

So I spent my lunch time taking photos. Teeny tiny photos, playing with my micro setting. Best time I had all day!

I was looking for my four leaf clover and for some answers on how to leave burnout behind and enjoy work again.
You could literally have blown me away today, I was that fragile.

The rocks turned into mountains. I let my imagination go. I saw a Hershey's Kiss and a Texas Longhorn in the tiny rocks.

I even saw beauty in the trash! Could you tell this is a piece of gum someone kindly left for me.

I took a picture of my sticker on my car and found that I had taken a picture of myself...see the ID badge reflected in the window?

Oh, the day was long but lunch time went by quickly. Today I looked for beauty in the small things and found God's blessings everywhere.


Gigi Ann said...


Sometimes we just need some alone time to become unstressed. We have a small camper and sometimes I have my husband take it and park it in a campsite close to home at Lake Iowa and spend five or six days, reading, hiking and just doing what I feel like. It is so refreshing and gives me some down time. My husband comes by at night and sleeps and leaves in the morning, it sounds strange, but like I said, once in awhile we just need some alone time. That helps me get unstressed. I know we are all different, what are you going to do your next five or six days?

Rudee said...

Nice pictures Gail. If you need a vacation, I'll fly you to Detroit so you can help me move, or not. You can sit on my swing, and well, swing.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh very lovely pics my fine woman!
I loved the clover.
Take care and take Rudee up!

Irene said...

At least you've still got your sense of humor, although it may be a little bit on the dark side. Keep your chin up and keep taking photographs. It's fun to see the world through your eyes. Take good care of yourself. (((HUG)))

Grammy said...

You have a great eye for finding things. I love your skywatch photos below. Truly awesome !
You need some me time. Where you can relax and unwind.

Tina said...

There's nothing like art to help relieve one's inner stress..it's really nice you can pick up your camera and "see" such interesting images with that wonderful imagination you possess!! Sometimes I try to give myself a theme to follow when I'm out and about and down..like up close pics something like Georgia O'Keeffe used to paint..it helps me see nature in a micro sort of way and takes my mind off that which is bothering me! Hang in there..keep moving forward!!:)

ps thanks for your (always) very nice comments on my blog!!

SkippyMom said...

The picture of the dandelion that had turned to seed looks as tho' I can just blow on my screen and it would all float away. [I would make a wish, of course :)]

Very pretty.

DesertHen said...

Wonderful photos. I love the clover and dandilion yellow flower!

Carla said...

dandelion seeds only look fragile, in reality they are strong, independent, determined, and beautiful in their own right:)

Loved your little 'trip':)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hah! This is so funny...and ironic. In your most recent post where you didn't know what to do with yourself, I posted to you that when I feel that same way, I love to grab my camera because it makes me find the beauty all around me.

And there you go! You said the same thing here! Great minds and all that. You and I share the same thoughts my friend.

That gum reminded me of a chunk of turquoise.

And I, too saw the Longhorn and the chocolate kiss. I was wondering why I was feeling hungry for beef and chocolate while looking at that picture.....clever you....using subliminal messages in your blog posts, Gail!!



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