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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Plum Done...

 Kept the chair everyone liked
kept the rust I liked
I know you're tired but I am too
Never thought I would get through.
 The pink, uh, Plum room is done.
From ceiling to floor
I've done all I can
Can't do no more.
 My radio rests by Grandpa's bed 
ready for guests to lay their heads.
First you viewed corner one
now corner two
I may change it again
and surprise you.
All the animals are in two rooms
the adjoining half bath
and the bedroom too.
Permission granted to laugh.
 Aunt Mary's quilt will grace the bed
along with soft green sheets
and pillows for your head.
If there's trouble with the door staying open
I created a door stop to go with the theme
My favorite furry flip flops
Have joined the Plum team.


gld said...

I am glad I found you just from a comment you made on my blog about the oatmeal bread.

I am going to enjoy this one!

Love the plum room and the doorstop..

I feel the same way about southern Missouri as you do Arkansas. It is God's Country and I don't want to go anyplace else.

Lynne said...

Mission accomplished! Love the old radio . . .does it still work?

No doubt about it . . . I think you are "plum crazy" in love with animals . . .

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Well, it looks fantastic! I love that radio- way cool!

Sandra said...

i like the color, the bed, the bottle in the corner, the radio and the lamp that is on it. i am thinking there is enough evidence showing to prove you like jungle animals. ya think? oh and i really love the quilt.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

LOVIN' the plum! :D
(and all the rest!)

StitchinByTheLake said...

Can't say the snake would make me sleep well Gail - but the quilt more than makes up for it. Love it! :) blessings, marlene

the canned quilter said...

Love the radio! I have one real similar that belonged to my grandmother. Is yours a family treasure?

Buttons said...

Love your poetry love your beautiful room and I can feel the love of those memories in every beautiful shot. Love the quilt and radio. I am coming over to stay OK :) B

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Gail, fun room, love the bed frame all rusty and your bedding, plum perfect......great job......Blessings Francine.

TexWisGirl said...

hey, if you like it, that's what matters. :)

Sandy said...

Yay, the plum room is done and looks amazing :-)

What beautiful memories with Grandpa's bed resting next to your radio.

Hey if the slipper works under the door, I say use it as the door stop. That is as long as you don't need slippers for your feet.

Dreaming said...

I'd say that is a job well-done...or should I say, done well?! It looks fantastic. I'd come and lay my head on the green sheets in the plum room any day!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I think it's lovely, whimsical and fun! Such a welcoming guest room, they should put you in charge of hotel room decor! :-)

Sue said...

Looks warm and welcoming!


Country Gal said...

I like it ! Great job ! Loved the way you rhymed your post . Have a good day my friend !

carolina nana said...

Nice I love the animal accents,especially the zebra and giraffe stacked tables.
Have a wonderful week end

Irene said...

Whenever the air fares get really cheap, I will be over in a jiffy to put that room to use. I looks inviting enough to stay in for a while. The bed looks comfortable enough too. xox

SaucyKod said...

You have just "PLUM" outdone yourself. I love the rustic values you have added to this very charming room. I just love everything about it, right down to those olde slippers :) WAY TO GO GAIL :)

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