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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Centus 133 Birth...

I look forward to MS Jenny's prompt each week.  One hundred four words exactly!  I've had this ditty written awhile but Blogger is doing the blue circle dance today and it has taken over an hour just to get these words on the page.  Join the fun and may you avoid the blue circle.


Seeing white, seeing red
Why am I tied like this?
My feet are wrong
Now I’m really pissed

Cylinders of gas
Unseen faces being cursed
Trying to throw things
Aiming for the nurse

Don’t tie me down
You know I can’t breath
This damn thing
Is truly killing me

The pain was excruciating
The doc didn’t help
When I grabbed poor Hubby
All he did was yelp

I bemoaned my condition
I swore never again
I swore off sex
and I swore off men.

Then I heard a simple word
“Push” was my command
Now that made it simple
And I held Hubby’s Hand.


TexWisGirl said...

cute. :)

Sandra said...

good one.. mine is short
birth sucks, so does old age

Karen S. said...

Oh just too sweet! It's so super-duper when hubby comes through! YeS!

Dreaming said...

Love the verse!

Irene said...

Yes, childbirth is that one time that we are ready to swear off men and sex and never want to have anything to do with them again until we want another baby. At least, that's how it worked for me. xox

LindaG said...

That was pretty good, Gail. Enjoyed it!

beckyp said...

great use of the prompt. I can not imagine anything more excruciating than child birth

SaucyKod said...

ha, ha - sounds familiar
cute poem

Lynne said...

Sounds familiar . . .

Viki said...

Very clever. At first, I thought she was having a breakdown. Now I see it was childbirth. I think many of us can relate, especially to the throwing things, ha.

Tgoette said...

Nicely done! I've heard childbirth can smart a little...sort of like hitting your thumb with a hammer, right? A hammer with long metal spikes which is simultaneously dripping acid and on fire. LOL!

Sue said...

Quite a journey, isn't it?

But such a rewarding one, in the end...


Jenny said...

You were in the delivery room with me?


How else can you account for this first hand knowledge of the event?


Really great writing Gail!

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