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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Texas Dumplings!

TexWisGirl and I were yakking.  She mentioned Red-Headed Dumplings and that got my curiosity going.  I have made dumplings my whole life but I never met any red-headed ones.  So I ask which is the only way you find out an answer during a conversation.  Why are they called Red-Headed?  Simple answer, Because they are red.  Not satisfied with that I had to know WHY they were red.  From cooking...Okay.  I know she was patient with my questions.  I guess she figured me being from Arkansas she might have to draw me a picture.  Instead of drawing me a picture, she send me a copy of her Mamma's very own hand-written recipe. Pay-dirt!!!! 
TWG said her mom was requested to make these for any family gathering.  That's why the recipe makes so many.  You can also make them and freeze them. If you're as excited as I was you will want to save a copy of this.  My dumplings have always just basically been biscuit dough, seasoned and dropped into my meat and broth pot.  I have had flat dumplings in the far South of Georgia but I have never had Red-Headed dumplings...until today.
As you can see, they have earned their name.  This recipe above for a big batch so I just cut up some bread, added an egg, a little milk, a dash of salt and the secret ingredient...NUTMEG.
Then you deep fry them.
Here are my pitifully pale dumplings cooking in my deer broth.
And here's a steaming spoon full of deer meat and dumplings.
Then I threw my fried Texas Dumplings in, kinda added some color to the pot.
See...pale and color!
Hubby and I ate lunch.
This bowl is going to Marcy's.
I have enough for supper.
In fact, Hubby has already had a second bowl.
Thank you, Theresa and Theresa's Mom for the great recipe.


Sandra said...

they look good to me, pale or red. since i don't cook i don't need to read the recipe, but for those who want it, we can't read it on here. just so you know.

Country Gal said...

Looks YUMMY ! I have never had them before ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Buttons said...

Oh Tex has the biggest heart in Texas.
I love to try them. I am getting really hungry now gotta go. B

Pat said...

So nutmeg was the secret ingredient. And such a small amount. Amazing. I like dumplings, but you lost me on the deer broth. Sorry. thumbs up: dumplings. thumbs down: deer meat.

But you know I still love you, right? :)

Farm Girl said...

I like those red headed dumplings. They just look so good.
What a neat recipe. TexWiz is amazing. How nice she gave you that recipe.

TexWisGirl said...

awww. i commend you for making them. i'm so glad you liked them. :)

TexWisGirl said...

btw, my mom was a german from wisconsin so the recipe took a little diversion thru texas. :)

Sue said...

Oh my GOODness, does that look yummy!


John Gray said...

red headed duplings
I have heard everything now!

C-ingspots said...

Oh man those dumplings look good!! But, I'd want to eat them dipped in a little butter and that's it!! YUM!!!

Lynne said...

Look yummy!

LindaG said...

Congratulations, Gail! They definitely look interesting. :o)

The Golden Eagle said...

Those look like tasty dumplings!

SaucyKod said...

I read the recipe - sounds easy enough for those who cook - I shall just wait for someone to make em for me. Sounds delicious and photos are making me hungry. Nice job Gail - that plate going over to Marcy looks YUMMY.

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