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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Mag 142

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Today's the day to put on your creative pants and create to share.
Charis, Lake Ediza, California, 1937 by Edward Weston

Charis meaning grace and kindness was not quite what I had pictured.  I knew His grace would set you free but somehow I imagined a different form.

The battle was full blown
When  Grace showed up
Armed with swords,
Knives and such.

The field was strewn
With giants and men
We remembered the beginning
But knew not the end.

There was monsters galore
Surrounding the field
The ones from lore
Were truly real.

With face set grimly
And legs wide spread
Grace took a stance
Filling enemies with dread.

Grace battled on
Now flanked by support
The monsters kept coming
They thought it was sport.

The circle kept tightening
Grace we did embrace
She was leading the battle
Against the horrors we faced.

After time unmeasured
And the dust cleared
The enemy lay around us
Grace showing no fear.

The few despots still standing
Left the battle field at a run
This day's battle was over
With our acceptance Grace had won.

Who knows the battles ahead
They can reach far and wide
But we will always be the victor
If Grace is by our side.


Other Mary said...

Interesting take on the Magpie. I too saw her as a very strong woman. Very strong rhythm and rhyme here too!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...i love this...grace is such a wonderful thing....i love your personification of it, of her...in the battle with us...smiles....

Sue said...

I like the double meaning of the word Grace here. It's good to know we do not battle alone...


anthonynorth said...

Yes, Grace always wins in the end. Nice one.

Daydreamertoo said...

I loved that her name in Greek meant Grace too :)
Love that she is strong, yet feminine in that strength. I think women are great warriors, in so many ways.
Great interpretation of the pic Gail.

Kay said...

def a strong image....woman warrior..bring it on!!

Josie Two Shoes said...

A really good personification of Grace in thought and form. You do this so very well, Gail!

Irene said...

Grace brings honor to her name but tired and weary she sits on the ground afterwards almost beaten herself. We must at all times guard her good name and not take her for granted. Grace under pressure must bend, not break and be able to withstand even the strongest storm. xox

Tess Kincaid said...

Yes...strength in grace...beautiful...

Rene Foran said...

wisdom, grace and strength :)

A Quiet Corner said...

Grace always wins!...:)JP

Country Gal said...

Fantastic writing !

Dana Dampier said...

Such a beautiful way to immortalize her!

Catfish Tales said...

WOW - I love this. Well done.
Grace is also an Anglicised version of Grania, the famed Irish female pirate with a lion's heart. She came from the parts (Clare Island just off of Westport) where my great-grandfather was born.

SaucyKod said...

Very well done
I pictured this young girl as strong and yet gracefull.
Thanks to Catfish Tales for great info on the name.
Well Done Gail!

Karen S. said...

Ah yes, the gift of grace, and truly a delight to read your Mag today! Hope all is well- enjoy your week ahead!

Kutamun said...

Sweepingly magical epic sturm and drang of our collective spirit world !

~T~ said...

There's more grace in strength than beauty. Well done!

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