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Monday, November 5, 2012

Saving Your Blog...

I've heard it can happen.  I fear it may happen.

I have a lot of time and words invested in this baby.  I would hate to lose it. 

How can I save my blog along with the past posts I've written? 

Since I'm in the enquiry mode, could someone recommend a beginning piano-like keyboard?  Andrew has expressed an interest in expanding his music to include the piano.  Before I buy a Baby Grand (kidding) I would like to test his interest.
The injured music playing football nut.  Note deformed left hand.  Only bruised but no chances were taken.  The doctor said, Ice, heat rotation, sling for 48 hours. He made one touch down and the conversion but we lost our last game of the year.  There's always next year.

Hope everyone survived the holiday and you are warm and safe from the path of the storm.


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Ah....a piano playing football player! He shall make the perfect Renaissance man one day! ;)

Save your blog?
About six months ago my blog disappeared. Poof! Gone!
I thought I would simply die.
I was physically ill over it.

However, as we know, *nothing* ever really disappears from the internet and, with much emailing of the bloggie powers that be, coupled with some fancy fingerwork at their request, along with not a small amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth-they returned it........ *sigh*

Advice? Go easy on links.
I had just started a new blog....within the blogspot....and I had posted links to all my other blogs as an opening post........
that's when it happened.

Good luck with the piano lessons! ;)

Have a wonderful day!


Buttons said...

Oh every Bloggers nightmare poor Jill at Chillin with Jill just had that happen.
Mimi is right I had that happen months ago and went into panic mode I swear I almost cried. After many emails to Tex at rounaroundranch and phone calls to my daughter M the Geek and giving my cell phone to Google success. My cell phone yikes now I am a Googlite for sure. Maybe I can trade that information for some dropping stocks:) :)

Andrew is so talented I am sure there is nothing he cannot play injured or not. Hug B

Country Gal said...

An Electric key board that does everything . Papa has one and it is amazing you can produce your own music with it , it has every interment and even different rhythms , its like have an entire band at your finger tips . Yes I hear there is another storm brewing up for the east coast . I hope this new storm dies out ! Have a good day !

Lynne said...

Yikes, now I am worried about losing my blog too.

I know there is a place that will make your blog into a book. I saved the info some place. I planned to do it with my first year . . . but, haven't done so.

My blog is on my lap top and on my iPad . . . and doing a sync of the ipad to the laptop periodically is very important. (Shhhh, I haven't done so for awhile . . . must do it.)

Can't help out with music/keyboard advice.

If you find out preventatives, please let me know.
Good luck!

the canned quilter said...

If you find out how to save it let me know Yikes! On the keyboard subject many music companies now rent out keyboards for just this reason. You can rent it for a year and if the kids prove talented then with the option to purchase. Otherwise you end up like me with a $800 keyboard collecting dust upstairs because your child has moved on. (Piano teacher moved to Fla to retire)

Sandra said...

great idea to try the keyboard, but i have no clue... i like the idea of a piano playing football player.

SaucyKod said...

I never worry about losing my posts on Blogger, as I have a hard copy backup on an external hard drive. I back everything up - I take precaution JUST IN CASE.
Hope Andrew is mending and soon active at his love of sports.
In the music field, we purchased a electronic keyboard, you can get some really nice ones, great sound and not expensive. Cheaper to buy in America than Canada. We bought ours in Bangor, Maine. My nephew loved his keyboard and when he graduated from University, married and had his own home, the first thing they bought was a piano, although he still uses an electronic keyboard. They are great to learn and sound great too. I think Andrew would heavily develop a deeper love for music with all that you can do with an electronic keyboard.
Have a great day.

SaucyKod said...

p.s. forgot to mention, that we only paid $200 for keyboard purchased in Maine and it was a great learning tool. Sorry "The Canned Quilter", we wouldn't pay $800 for a keyboard - and also, great idea about renting the keyboard, but make sure it is in the very exact shape you originally rented it in or you pay the penalty!!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

you can back-up your blog to a downloaded file. this saves your posts and the links to your photos that you've posted - keep in mind, it does not save the photos as blogger saves them into picasa web albums separately (just the way blogger works). anyway, as long as you don't delete the picasa web albums elsewhere, that back-up file could be used to restore your blog or move it to another blogging platform (like wordpress or whatever).

if you are in your blogger dashboard, the last item in the menu on the lefthand side is 'settings'. click that, then select other. the first option is blog tools - select export blog. it may take a few moments to run and create this file, but it is worth doing every so often. it will save the file to your computer - you're going to have to note where it is saved and move it to file folder you want. my laptop automatically saves it to a 'downloads' folder but each system might be different.

anyway, exporting a file does not remove your blog - it just creates the back-up file for it. if you ever lost it for good, the import blog option on this same menu could be used to reload the history into a new blog using that back-up file.

don't hit delete blog. :)

Dreaming said...

I can't help with the keyboard. The last one I bought had about 12 multi-colored keys that were off tune - I'm thinking he wants something a bit more sophisticated than that!
I liked Lynne's idea about turning the blog into a book. I googled it and came up with a number of options.

Sandy said...

Blog backing up is relatively easy. A fellow blogger friend outlined the instructions on his blog here:


Hope this helps everyone.

Barbara said...

Yeah quite a fear eh.. Hope he does well with the football and piano.

Laurel's Quill said...

Gail, if you use Blogger for your blog, you can export it and save it on your hard drive. When it downloads, it converts it to an HTML document, but if you had to retrieve it in Blogger, it would probably convert it back. The export function is in your settings.

LindaG said...

Hope Andrew gets well, soon!

Mary Aalgaard said...

I haven't backed up my blog, either. Better look into it.
I'm a piano teacher, but don't know much about keyboards. I usually send people to the local music store. They might offer a rent to own option, or work with you on your needs. Don't go too cheap, though. You don't want to regret buying something that isn't quality. It will make learning frustrating.

Margaret said...

Thanks for this post!! I need to look into backing it up.

Sue said...

Go to blogger help and type in "how do I back up my blog."

They explain it step by step. It's easy, actually.


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