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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes I Forget...

A beer tab
Was my first ring
And we camped
Out in the rain.

He courted me
On train bridges
In leaky boats and
On mountainsides.
He made me laugh
I loved his eyes
We heard the same music
We believed.

Non-traditional courtship
Won me
Love is not always
Diamonds and flowers.

For me
It's found rocks,
Little boy candy bars
And old broken glass.

For him
It's back rubs,
Pineapple upside-down cake,
And fish bait.

Knowing together
There is nothing
We cannot do
Is love.

When you know
All the tomorrows
Are just for you
That is love.


Buttons said...

Sounds like love to me. I love this. B

MamaTea said...

Beautiful! A poem about real love!

SaucyKod said...

A poem well written about how extraordinary true love is and can be.We don't all need diamonds to impress us, when we have true love, when you know all the tomorrows are just for you. I love this Gail. It's solid in the heart. It's Love.

colenic said...

This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!

Lynne said...

LOVED hearing your LOVE . . .

Country Gal said...

Wonderful . Have a good day !

Linda Wildenstein said...

Wow, powerful words and lovely sentiments......Oma Linda

Sandy said...

The power of courtship and love.
My was found on the internet.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, gail. this is beautiful.

LindaG said...

My engagement ring was my wedding ring.
And we learned you can put a sleeping bag the wrong way on the side of a hill and when it rains on that hill, a gas lantern isn't warm enough. ;o)

Lovely wonderful post, Gail. Have as wonderful a weekend. :o)

Sue said...

Just beautiful, Gail. I loved it.


Roses around the door... said...

Beautiful words! Best wishes my friend x

gld said...


Love comes in all shapes and forms and it is wonderful when we recognize it!

Farm Girl said...

So well said and I think what you wrote is just beautiful.

Brian Miller said...

ah a beautiful love story....train bridges are def romantic places....and beer tab rings...makes me smile....we all have out own ways to show love as well....wonderful...

Josie Two Shoes said...

This is the stuff of real love, Gail, ordinary moments that became magical in the memories they created. To know this kind of love, not the stuff of magazines or movies, but the real stuff that keeps two together through all the hard times in life, that is a precious, precious gift. Obviously you have found it!

Empty Nester said...

And now you've gone and gotten all sweet! Is there nothing you can't write beautifully about?

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