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Monday, December 28, 2009

I've Discovered My Problem Sunday

I have not been taking my walks of exploration.  I had just returned and although frozen, I felt refreshed and alive.  My life blood must be in the land.  I am always renewed.  I must not forget this again.  So please remind me when I am complaining to take my walk with God in His country.

This is a "dry" creek that carries our run off from the new pond.  Although the pond is forty years old, it was the last one built by Daddy and will forever be called the "new pond".  We do fish in this deep hole and have caught perch that washed into this spot.

The waterfall into the fishing hole and Diamond Lil with her eternal stick.  When she is not working stock, stick is the only word in her vocabulary.

A close up of the same fall where the spray has frozen on the plants.

The branch of the second spring.  We still have green in many spots. The high waters have washed many things out.

My first surprise was a hidden violet, protected by a leaf.

My most wonderful surprise for the day was found along the creek.  Can you see it to the left?  I almost missed it.  The find made my walk complete!


Nezzy said...

Hope 'springs' eternal! I know exactly what your sayin'. I try to spend at least 30min. walking 'round the Ponderosa no matter what the weather. I just feel better and oh the sights ya see!

Have a great day my frined!

Breathe said...

The land heals me too...

allhorsestuff said...

Ooops, lost all my writing stuff...
I went back to bigify the photo to find the curiosity you adore...think I did too...is it an Arrowhead?!Too Cool!
My dad used to get gravel from the shores of the Willamette River..and I always found obsidian ones.
I missed your down spell...most likely- because I was in my own funk. If I can't ride I get funked out too...it is my renewal to be with the mare in God's earth...in the still beauty of it.
Yes, will do, very easily accomplished this little reminder for you to have a renewal time in the still beauty as well.

Yea...that big ol' Grand House...is our dream home too!I have been obsessing with moving to the country...and we would like a Victorian or a farmhouse with 2 stories.
See ya around Gail~

Bernie said...

Sounds wonderful. I would enjoy walking with you around your land. I love that you get strength and joy from the land. Good for you.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yes, I will remind you to take your walk to renew your soul and spirit whenever things get overwhelming for you again.

What a treasure to find! Did you pick it up and take it home with you?
Loved all your photos today. You live in a beautiful place.


Leslie said...

I know what you mean. I too am renewed in the presence of nature. Finding such neat things along the way helps too. :)

Mildred said...

I can't believe the violet! We always loved exploring our paths each day. Nothing like a walk in God's beauty to make us feel better!

Pat said...

A walk outside clears the mind and body. I like all your unexpected finds from "a" (arrowheads) to "v" violets!

Kate said...

How special ~ finding that cute little violet on your walk. Loved the photos. Made me feel as if I was right there with you.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You found a Violet and a arrowhead..I am so jealous..I found.. SNOW!! :)

Silver said...

I enjoy my nature walk with God too.. they both seem to go hand in hand.


Grammy said...

YOU FOUND AN ARROW HEAD. HOW COOL IS THAT ! I am so glad you are feeling better. I received your gifts yesterday. Thank you so much. They are beautiful. I really like the book too. Now I have a cowboy and a fireman edition.
Big hug. have a great day.

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