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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunrise Silhouette

And the rush of energy continues!  I can not believe I still have it.  I have vacuumed, done laundry, dishes, sorted through some clothes and put a few Christmas things away.  And this is on top of working away from home! I have even done the floors at work and went grocery shopping.  Do I have some illness????  If so, I hope I suffer from this symptom from now on.

Remember me talking about the dead frige.  I have been working on that empty space.  It is in my work/sewing/art/computer/crafty room.

I like to repurpose things.  I needed a table in that corner barstool height.  Found one in the barn from the fifties.  The legs were detached so...got me thinking.  I also saved some shelves out of the old frige.   So here is the beginning of my new "do something" corner.  To the right is a hanging light I made out of an old pan I found.  The shelves are the frige shelves and the table is from the barn, cabinet height, legless and secured to the wall and the counterline.  Painting not completely done but not bad for a free corner to pile more stuff.

The old table has a rust stain but  I am working on that.  Cabinets above me, cabinets below me.  I am in creative heaven!!!


Sunny said...

What a great idea for the shelves. With all your energy, want to come over and de-Christmas my house? LOL
Have a great day.
Sunny :)

Journaling Woman said...

I love repurposing. I do it all the time too. It keeps "things" out of the landfills.

Nice job, Gail. I think the rust stain should stay. It's history after all.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

cool and such a great recycling idea.

Nezzy said...

Well you go girl! Isn't it amazing what you can do with what you have?

Have a great day and a wonderful New Year down on the farm.

I'm just excited the power is back on!

God bless ya :o)

The Green Stone Woman said...

You truly are a miracle worker. Come to my place and figure some things out.

Mildred said...

Love your new corner - great ideas!
You are making me tired just reading about all you have done!!!

An English Shepherd said...

Old furniture has real character.

Wizz :-)

Gramma Ann said...

What great ideas you don't come up with. And all that work to boot. Are you related to the "Energizer Bunny?"

Kate said...

I re-purpose all sorts of things as hardscape in my gardens. Sure beats tossing it or spending a fortune on a brand, new trellis.

I just now noticed your cute quote about riding. This morning I was working with my very feisty horse, Bella, and she did manage to dump me. Fortunately I landed in a soft pile of snow!

Rudee said...

Well, you go, girl! I got your package today. Thanks so much for the treats. ;-)

Pat said...

That is such a cool picture of the sunrise with the bird in it!

Sounds like you've gotten over your winter doldrums! You've certainly made use of that space! How clever to reuse those refrigerator shelves!

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