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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Horse Standing

The title has nothing to do with this post, except the horse part, well, and it was standing.  I just like the way the line sounded.

Broken Arrow shows the reason for his name in this shot.

Time to go to Trainer Sam's where she can work her magic.  We started almost too late in the afternoon, because unlike our Magic Man, Arrow was not interested in loading.  He was interested in nothing but Mama.

Sam tried food, loving, leading but Arrow was not going in that trailer.  She ground worked him, led in in the field, still no prize.

If you remember, Arrow is the son of Knot and Charme, an Arabian and a Haflinger.  He is beautiful but just a tad stubborn.

Sam thought maybe if Mom loads, son will load.  Well Mom loaded and that is as far as that went.  Then tying them together to load was an idea, still no luck.

The sun was setting so we had to rely on the old standby, chute loading.  It worked.  As the sun dipped below the horizon, the trailer drove out of sight.

Soon I will have four horses trained to be ridden and I am not trained to ride.  I have ordered "Riding Horses For Dummies", hope that will help.


Journaling Woman said...

Very funny post...and you know how I like funny.

I felt sorry for him only because you took a photo of his face(when he was lying down) because he has "baby" written all over his face...you know "Where's my mommy?" Oh and I love his markings.

Oh and(one more) I like the sunset.

Lori E said...

Not to worry about not being trained to ride. Like you said in your sidebar..the art of keeping the horse between you and the ground...I'll bet you do just fine.

Pat said...

What an appropriate name for that beautiful horse! He has such gorgeous coloring, and his mother is beautiful, too! Boy, he's no dummy, huh? He wasn't going to fall for ANY tricks! LOL!

Are you kidding about not knowing how to ride a horse?

Tina said...

Oh the humorous Gail..of course you must know how to ride..?? Where's Marcy, I bet she has plenty of pictures of you riding!!

Autumnforest said...

I love the pictures! Wow! The sun behind the trees--awesome. How beautiful and rewarding working with such pretty creatures. This is a very charming blog!

Oz Girl said...

He has beautiful markings on his face, and his mama is a beauty too. So now I am wondering... were you being sarcastic about not knowing how to ride... based on the others' comments?

Re: the cotton... I had to resist the temptation to pick some the day I took those pictures. I'm glad I resisted after I saw your comment! Ouch! That would have served me right, wouldn't it?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

After what happened to me...and thinking I knew how to ride, I suggest you take some more riding lessons, Gail.
I know I am going to do just that. There is always so much to learn and so many 'buttons' to know on a horse. It's like a dance. So many folks think that you just 'get up there and ride', but there are a few extra details. Safety being one of them, that's for sure.

I have a goal of getting back up on my mare before the years is up. You might recall my one year fall anniversary is in a few days. And I must put closure on this part of my life and open a new book for 2010. Wish me luck.

And I hope Broken Arrow comes back a changed horse with lots of cool buttons and gears to learn about. He sure is a handsome fella.

Happy Holidays to you, my friend,

The Green Stone Woman said...

I really hope you learn how to ride well this coming year, Gail. Those horse are standing there waiting for you to do it. Get up the courage and go! The worst thing that can happen is that you'll fall off. Then you pick yourself up and get on again. Wear some padding if you have to.

Lori Skoog said...

Gail...Broken Arrow is a very beautiful boy and his mom looks great too. When I was a kid I did some Huckleberry Finn riding on friend's horses and that was it until I reached 37 and got my first horse. Since that time I have had an average of 6, now down to 4 (due to old age). I started taking lessons when our daughter was in Pony Club, as it served as a great motivation to me....classical dressage. Had to be the biggest rookie she ever worked with, but took lessons for years. I was in a position to ride young, just started horses for years. Confidence is the key, along with being able to breath when you are up there. When you get on, have supervision until you are comfortable. You can do it. I am 66 and still ride.

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