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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Horoscope...Is Rick Trying To Tell Me Something??

Scorpio By Rick Levine
"Your creative process is anything but normal now. Your usual ways of expressing yourself don't bring the desired results. A lack of productivity might trigger feelings of frustration or angst, which just adds to your malaise. Instead of doing things the same way as before, try a radical new approach. Keep in mind that it's not business-as-usual any longer, so thinking outside of the box is essential today."

Disclaimer:  I use this completely for entertainment, I do believe nor disbelieve it.

It is strange how it hits the nail on the head, but I supposed one, sooner or later, will do that. 

I agree my "creative process is anything but normal now".  I feel about as creative as a rock.

My "usual ways of expressing myself" are darned sure not working!  I may try screaming but I don't think that is ever a good way to express one's self.

"A lack of productivity might trigger feelings of frustration or angst"(Excuse me, but no shit!  What the heck is angst...have to look that up and malaise).  I don't know about you but this is my normal lack of productivity this time of year.  I bog down in my job and take it home.  And, no, if you mail something tomorrow, it will not get there by Christmas!

"Think outside the box", how many times have we heard this in relationship to everything under the sun?  I shall think "outside the box" because I have no presents wrapped, therefore no boxes.  I shall think "outside the box" because I am about to break down the walls of my box.  I shall think "outside the box" because this boxed-in lady is about worn out and I DON"T HAVE THE CHRISTMAS TREE UP!


Merry Christmas!


Nezzy said...

Oh Honey how I wish I could. I'm sure together we'd get~er~done. I find the fastest way to wrap packages is the old glue gun. Quick, secure and it only takes one hand to glue the paper down and smack on the bow. Ya may not be into adding additional babbles to the package but if ya get the notion....glue them on to. I too read my horoscope like I read the funnies but sometimes I have to ask...how'd they know that? I'm a Virgo and sure fit the profile.

Take care dear lady. Grab all the help ya can and delegate. Have a restful evening....your gonna need it!

Journaling Woman said...

Dear Gail,

Do not break down, becuz...it's my turn. I know your job is difficult this time of year...I know becuz my mum told me. So take a deep breath. I have feeling...a good feeling that good things are coming for us in 2010. At that time, I will be looking for my creativity and sanity. I want them back and if I find them I will... mail yours to you. Sorry I couldn't resist.

Hang in there. If I have to, you have to.
Journaling Woman (Teresa)

Rudee said...

Oh Gail, judging from this post, you haven't lost your creativity, it's there in your words. It's the expectations this time of year that make us all crazy. It is what it is.

Thank God the post office is closed on Christmas. You deserve a break.

On a personal note, my hubby is working Christmas because the airports are open. The last time he worked this day, an international traveler said to him, "gee, I'm sorry you have to work on this day," and my husband told him, "gee thanks, but I'm only working because you chose to travel today." Duh.

Nezzy? Hot glue gun? Brilliant! Thanks for the tip. It'll have to wait til next year, but I won't forget that one.

ellen abbott said...

This is one of many reasons I don't celebrate this holiday...too much unreasonable expectation of what can and/or should be achieved. So relax. Does it really matter if you have no tree this year? Hang a few ornaments on a lamp shade, sit down and relax.

Pat said...

I only believe in horoscopes when they say something GOOD!

You just need to take a deep breath....that's right, breathe in, breathe out.....

It will all get done. Of course, that's easy for me to say.....It's now Christmas night - everything SHOULD be done by now! I'm playing catch-up on the blogs that I follow!

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