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Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas...

Is my spirit showing?

I have unintentionally hid my true self for many posts.  For that I apologize I seem to be posting mechanically with no thought of real writing, just commentary on pictures.  That is over, watch out!  Last Horse Standing made me realize the old and true saying, write what you know.  So I shall and hope you welcome me back.

Ripples on a pond...that is what I've been dealing with today.  It started with the death of one refrigerator.

We do not live in a mansion.  It is Mom and Dad's old farmhouse added onto "the lodge".  Lots of square footage and lots of problems.  We lived in the lodge when we first moved here and then added it onto the main house.  Anyway, I said all that to say this; we had one fridge in the lodge and one in the main house kitchen.  The one in the main died and I saw no reason to buy another.  Simply, that's right, I said SIMPLY, move the old one out and the working one into its place.

This is when the Ripple effect moves in!

We have no dolly to load things so we pushed the old one out the front door and down the steps.  It sat there upside down and naked for all the world to see for two weeks.  I finally told hubby what I wanted for Christmas was to make the old frige disappear.  He did so this Friday.  Best Christmas present I ever had!

Today, while hubby was napping in his recliner, I ask Andrew to assist in moving the working fridge into the kitchen so we don't have to run to the lodge for a cold drink.

First I pulled the fridge away from the wall...now you who clean all the time, I am sure have a spotless under the fridge environment.  Not me, no, never me.  It was not dust bunnies but dust dinosaurs who lurked under and behind my fridge.  Still working on them.  Some of the deceased ones have to be soaked.

So I am cleaning the fridge and reloading everything, cleaning the floor and Pine Sol starts my nose running so much I had to take a break and tell you how the real Gail gets things done.

Back to the Ripple thingy, I have to clean, I have to paint, I have to vacuum where we moved the rugs while pushing the fridge from one part to another.  I have to wash the socks I found under the chair I moved.  I have to wash dishes taken out of the fridge....it goes on and on.

Next time I have a rock to move, I will gently place it in the water where there will be no ripples.


Journaling Woman said...

Sooo funny...and not... because of the frig.

My question to life is and this is really deep. Can you ever be easy on me, oh Life O mine?

PS Love kitty. I love all your pets.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Oh... isn't that how it always works? I'm like you when it comes to things like that. Nothing is ever easy! ha ha

The Green Stone Woman said...

The thing is, Gail, you better leave things alone and mmake no changes, because you always run into the unexpected. That's what I found out when I moved the living room furniture. What? Mildew on the walls? You mean I have to paint? A third coat? You're kidding, right?

Sunny said...

Oh no, that sound like what happens to me. I started cleaning a mark off the wall that resulted in me painting the wall! Sometimes you just can't win.
Hope your day improves and thanks for making me smile.
Sunny :)

ellen abbott said...

Don't you just hate that ripple effect?

Nezzy said...

Sometimes life just gives ya'll the domino effect. Good luck on placin' that old rock in the water without any ripples! No,no Gail even I who have taken cleanliness to it's illness stage would have stuff under a fridge!

Have a smooth sailin' day girl!

Autumnforest said...

I totally get you--mess with one thing and every thing down the line is affected. Good luck! Glad you got your Xmas wish!

A Melbourne Girl said...

Ahhh ys, the ripple effect. It's always there, some ripples are just a little more visible than others...
Like you, I also have dust animals lurking under things. I refuse to let cleaning rule my life though. Neat and tidy yes. Cleaning all the time? Nope


Lori E said...

Oh I feel your woe. I recounted my crumbling appliances tale back in November. Microwave handle, dryer handle, dishwasher latch, new stove dented, previous repairs to washer and dryer.
It was embarrassing to see the mess down the sides of my old stove when we pulled it out.
I hope your fridge holds up.

Pat said...

Anytime you think a project will be easy or cheap, you have to multiply the cost or time by 10 - at least! Something ALWAYS goes wrong. Murphy's law, right?

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