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Friday, July 13, 2012

This N That And My Own Accident

No pictures, Blogger is playing games so words are taking long enough.

We got rain!!!!!!!!  Wonderful, life-giving rain.  I can already see the grass greening up.  Hope we get enough to get a good winter pasture started because we certainly will not have hay from here.

I was grateful when no one was hurt in the truck accident.  I am also grateful no one was hurt, well, not much, during the execution of my graceful accident last night.

As you have read I have been repairing and working in where it's cool...and yes, I'm keeping the chair.

I have also been painting on canvas.  My end product was strange and like no painting I've completed before. 

My plan was to paint two canvases for each side of our bed to balance with our matching lamps, chrome and glass side tables and a foo-foo lacy back drop.  Sounds horrible, right?  One canvas to represent me in some way and the other to represent Hubby.

My paint usually does better than it did this time.  It made me paint this horrible dark picture with a tornado, a cave, stormy skies, cascading water and some unidentified metal thing hovering over it all.  I puzzled over this.  I looked close and far away and still didn't really know WHY I had painted this.

Soooooo, I decided to hang it on the wall just to get the feel of it 'cause it sure wasn't feeling right on the easel.

I retrieve the drill, have a screw, screw it in, screw it out and then decide I'm not tall enough to get it right.  Here's where you can laugh and the accident begins.

I climb on the bed, can't quite reach the spot I need so I stretch my left toe to brace on the metal cross frame of the (stupid looking) cute little side table, you know, the one with glass. I hold the screw in place, start the drill and all hell breaks loose.  The glass breaks, the lamp drops to the second shelf, the painting flies through the air, I bounce off the wall and back to the bed and slide into the floor.  But, by golly, I'm still holding that drill!

I sit for a moment and think how stupid can some one be...use the right tools like a step ladder!  I notice blood, lots of glass, and my over turned table.  I'm angry at myself!  Now my tables don't match any more.

I go to the kitchen for the trash can, the broom and dust pan and a wet rag to clean up my bloody foot prints.  Picked up glass, set the lamp BESIDE the table, cleaned the floor and examined my filleted foot.  I discover I am grateful for the fillet.  It was about three inches long on the bottom of my foot.  If it had gone in instead of across the glass would have been completely through my foot.

So now, my next project is to repair the side table.  Oh, and the painting...I've decided I don't like it at all!


Lynne said...

Thank goodness you are still with the living! I can visualize the entire scene . . . how is the foot? What next!

jean@pilgrimscottage said...

Oh dear, Gail! I sure am happy you didn't get seriously hurt. But, seriously, the picture you gave did make me laugh. This is the kind of thing I would do. I have known myself to fall hard and still clutching the hammer. Gotta love your post labels. So glad you're alright!!

Buttons said...

Oh Gail I am glad you are OK. We all have duh moments don't we:)? B

Terri Buster said...

I'm so glad it wasn't any worse! Hope your foot heals fast.

Full Circle Creations said...

Oh you poor thing! I'm glad you are alright. I hate it when I do crazy things like that! And since you're alright, on to the really important thing...RAIN! I'm so glad to hear you got some rain. We need some but we had a good rain about a month ago. Most of my yard is almost gone and the hay fields are struggling.


Sandy said...

Gail, GEEZ.....you could have been seriously hurt! How is your foot this morning?

I can think of times when I did silly things like that, and was thankful I didn't bust my A _ _. Came close a few times though!

Maybe you should wait for your grandson to come over and help hang your pictures.

Dreaming said...

I hate to say this, but I was chuckling - only because your accident was so 'me'. I could envision my doing the same darn thing - yup, no doubt about it! I'm thinking that the whole time you were bouncing around, hanging onto the drill, a little voice kept saying, "Yeah, you shoulda gotten the ladder!"
Well, here's a little sympathy. I'm so sorry. I'm glad your cut wasn't worse. I hope the table can be fixed simply by getting another piece of glass. I hope you feel better and that the cut doesn't bother you when you walk.
Have a great weekend!
No hanging pictures for a while, OK?!!

Farm Girl said...

Oh Gee, I am so glad it wasn't worse. I am amazed you held onto the drill.
Did you have to get stitches?

TexWisGirl said...

seems like that painting is indicative of your life right now! swirling, stormy, uncomfortable! and dangerous! lordy, you were lucky!

Linda Wildenstein said...

I would say that you "pulled a Linda" for sure. But I don't want to be insulting.
Sorry that your tables don't match. Hope you're okay. Oma Linda

Sue said...

Oh, no. This is not a good story, Gail. Not a good story at all. And I'm so sorry your table broke, adding insult to injury.


Back to the drawing board, I guess. And please, be more careful this time!

ellen abbott said...

you were very lucky.

Grammy said...

Now you need to pant sunshine and green grass over it to signify the storms of life have passed. And you survived and were made stronger. Paint in you fun loving humor. And lobe.

Grammy said...

Sorry still i cant spell :) Love

SaucyKod said...

OMG, I am sorry to say I laughed - kinda been there, done that. It is amazing how we can laugh at outselves and our sometimes silly situations, that we set ourselves up for, even though we know we shouldn't. Good to know you did not like the painting afterall. Perhaps you would have given hubb a scare if it was hanging on his side, representing ???? YOU.....n perhaps your dark side. Maybe you are going to have someone visit from an alien planet during a wicked storm with lots n lots of dark clouds DOROTHY. he,he
I'm being bad,
so glad -
You didn't hurt your bum
You fell on the floor,
and asked for more
Girl, were you that dumb?
Ooooooh, forgive me, I'm laughing again. You are too funny Gail. Nice to have you bounce back and thrill us with your adventure. Have a great night lol

Irene said...

Before I got older and wiser and less stubborn, I would have done such a thing. Next time get a ladder, okay? You are an accident waiting to happen, silly woman. xox

DesertHen said...

Well that's not good at all! Sorry about the table, the foot and the painting!

Pam Lofton said...

Hahahahahaha...no, I'm not laughing. Not at all...Yes I am! You told that in such a funny way! I'm seriously glad you weren't hurt any worse but Gail---WTH? Are y'all done with accidents now? I love that one of your first thoughts is that your bedside tables no longer match-- that is so me!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Gail I'm just amazed you're able to walk - a cut like that on the bottom of your foot is going to make life, well, difficult is the word that comes to mind. And it's going to hurt like Hades while it's healing. I'm so sorry you have yet one more thing to add to the list of this challenging season. Surely life will get easier some time soon! blessings, marlene

Rudee said...

Since you introduced me to gorilla glue, which I love by the way, I have two words: gorilla glass!

Glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Interestingly, your words provided enough detail that I think I got the whole story without a picture.

Carol Henrichs said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. Sounds very painful. I hope it heals quickly.

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