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Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Award!

Family Trees May Contain Nuts just gave me an amazing award.  Now, whether that was in fear of practical jokes or she really means it, does not matter a whit to me.   I got an award!

As in all things free, there are strings.  Now I must tell you you ten things that make me happy.  Many of you may already know what I am about to list but I will try to share some surprises.

 1.  I am happy when the hands of the clock at work turn faster than normal.

 2.  I am happy that my hubby is not a wife beater.

 3.  I am happy when I get lots of comments and know I am writing something worth reading.

 4.  I am happy I discovered blogdom and no longer need theraphy, thanks to all my friends.

 5.  I am happy when a painting turns out the way it was in my head.

 6.  I am happy when I get that one fantastic, super photograph that speaks volumes.

 7.  I am happy that I have been so blessed each and every day, to live At The Farm.

  8.  I am happy my sisters and I work so well together, with no disagreements but only discussions.

  9.  I am happy that I have two wonderful daughters, three handsome grandchildren and a great husband and happy that none of them has disowned me...yet.

10.  I am happy around horses and dogs (as if you did not know that!)  I love to bury my face in a horse and smell, nothing like it.  I am happy with well trainded dogs.

Thanks, Lori E, I shall find some way to get you back!


An English Shepherd said...

Congratulations on the award :-)


ellen abbott said...

Always fun to get one. Congratulations.

Indie said...

Those were enjoyable to read. I especially liked #5. I know what you mean...thats how I feel when I write something and it is as good as I wanted it to be in my head...


DesertHen said...

Congrats on your award! I loved reading your top 10 things that make you happy! =)

I agree that there is nothing like the smell of a horse...........=D

Pat said...

Congrats on the award! You're happy so I'm happy!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I love the smell of horses and dogs..especially in the winter..I like your list..well done:)

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