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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ten Degrees And Warming

Princess, bleating for breakfast,  made me dress and head to the barn to get a flake of hay.  She seemed rather delighted to see me since Marcy is usually feeding at daylight.  Marcy was staying in a little later this morning.  It was ten degrees when I went out and not sure what our low was except that it was too low for me. When I delivered the hay, Princess did her dance and stayed quiet for a while.

I did take my camera but it was too cold to wander far. I fed the outside dogs, saw Marcy had already prepared the cats a warm treat of fish and their usual food.   I tried to capture the diamonds on the timber but the cold ran me indoors.

The Queen of the farm, Maggie, is royally ignoring Gen's submission.  Look at that look on Maggie, as if it is beneath her to acknowlege Gentry's efforts. 

I may miss that Sunday walk today.


ellen abbott said...

10º and warming. Yikes!

An English Shepherd said...

Maggie is my kind of girl :-)


The Green Stone Woman said...

Maggie is so aloof, Doesn't she know how she is torturing Gen? The Queen!

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