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Friday, January 15, 2010

Mittens, Mittens, Who's Got The Mittens?

I do, I do!!!!
Rudeek, A Knitting Nurse made these beautiful mittens and modeled them for us before her giveaway!  I won!  Lucky, lucky me. 

Trying to model like Rudee.
Wrinkles ahead!
Multiple chins!
No Makeup!

Serving a duel purpose here, showing my horns where I hit the door.
One pupil seems to be wrong, maybe I should have seen a doc.

These are so warm and soft.

Scary!  Not the mittens, the model.

Now I need a hat!

It is like these were make just for me.
The light thread is the exact color of my new coat.

These spots do not look as bad as I made them sound but I had to take a pill to stop my headache tonight.  My right eye feels a little heavy but I can see fine.

Andrew had fun taking these pictures. 

Oh, I forgot, got a new pair of scissors for Christmas and whacked off my hair again.  My sister later told me they were utility scissors and I said they cut hair great.

I may never show my face again but my hands will never be cold...Thank you, Rudee.


An English Shepherd said...

Great mittens, they should keep you nice and ward around the farm :-)


Rudee said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad they got there safe and sound. You need a hat you say? I shall examine the leftovers...

Nice goose egg. When you whack your coconut, you do it right. Perhaps you need a helmut, not a hat. ;-)

ellen abbott said...

You have a good face.

Nezzy said...

You are a brave woman showin' your goose~egged run into the door whack! Your beautiful as beautiful as the mittens Gail. Maybe Miss Nurse Rudee can fix ya'll up with a cute helmet hat to match! Heeeheehe! Congratulations on the win, those mittens are great!

Have a great day!!!

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