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Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, Let Me Tell You...

what kind of day, uh, last three days, I have had.

Hubby was gonna have surgery Wednesday on  his shoulder again.  I worked and rearranged and borrowed help from here and there so I could be with him during and a day after his surgery.  Nurse calls at 5:30 the night before the surgery and has moved him to five PM the following day.  First this did not set very well with either of us since the artic blast was moving in, second hubby had been having second thoughts.

Let me go back two days, boy, I am organized in my story telling!  (A good friend suggested we speak with our own voice, so your gonna get the straight undeluted, unedited me!)  Hubby is emergency manager of our county.  With the snow, he was called to assist an ambulance run.  They transported a lady who lived alone that was sitting with two electric heaters blowing on her legs.  She was suffering from dehydration, hypothermia, low potassium and burns.  You could see your breath even with the heaters going.  The lady passed a day or two later.

Being the wonderful man he is, hubby was worried about people who live alone, that this could happen to others.  If you haven't noticed, people don't check on their neighbors like we used to do.  This happened Monday and had been bearing on him. 

Now I am back to where I started!  After the surgery was rescheduled, hubby mulled and chewed on it and then said, I am not going.  I said that is up to you.  He said I can't, I have a bad feeling.  So he called to cancel.

The weather hit, he has been helping with a program that has purchased propane for those in need.  He has delivered medicine, checked on people living alone, and generally has done his job well.  He could not leave the county unattended for a simple shoulder operation...I guess that is why I love this crazy man so much.

After jumping through hoops to schedule two days off, I was not about to cancel them.  I had two glorius days off, doing nothing except piddle fiddlin' as my sister calls it.  I cooked, I took a picture of an eagle, I played, uh, worked, on the computer.  I ordered a new camera.  I cooked.  I painted.  I kept fresh water out for the animals.  I did nothing.

This morning I woke to return to work. Hubby still has to drive me because our roads are ice.  I wake to  the sound of running water outside, my water pipe wrapping was not enough!  Then as we were discussing that, the stoves went out, no propane.  We are supposed to be on an automatic fill but guess we were using too much.  Hubby drops me at work, Andrew at school (yes, school, they were not running the full bus routes).  I said you do the water, I will do the gas.

Hubby finds the problem and thank goodness, the faucet just popped off so that was simple to fix.  I ordered gas and they delivered that about four thirty this afternoon.  Hubby collects Andrew and me after he has put in another day at work.

They call to reschedule the surgery since the highways were clear.  I said that is not why he cancelled the surgery.  This county is in a state of emergency and he has to work, no time for cutting. My hubby is out keeping people safe.  We will call you when we are ready.  I believe the nurse was mad but hey, I would say this is more important.

It is now Eight PM and the house is finally getting comfortable.  I shall be able to drive tomorrow Hubby tells me, but he doesn't know my fear. 

And after all these trials, I am grateful that we had the resources to solve these problems.  Many people do not.  Please check on your neighbors.  Stay safe and warm.  We are trying for zero or lower tonight.  Sure hope that faucet holds!


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Your hubby and you are both very kind people, the world needs more like you. He was right to cancel the surgery if he had a bad feeling about it. The elderly lady who passed away while trying to keep warm is a very say story.

Isn't it wonderful having a couple of days to oneself to do whatever you want. I call it puttering, my favorite days.

What kind of camera did you order? I love cameras and find myself always looking at the new models. I bought a Sony because it has a pet mode on it, this is my first camera that is not a Nikon.

Rudee said...

Wow. Your weather way down south is worse than ours. Stay warm and safe, and hey, if you're scared to drive, don't.

Anonymous said...

You both are kind and caring people. I wish times were like they were when I was growing up where everyone looked out for one another. Glad you had some time for "you." God bless both of you. Tell your husband "thanks" for all he does for the community.

Grammy said...

Your Hubby is an amazing person. And so are you. It too us 5 day to get propane. Scott gas was bought out by a big guy. and they do not care about people. They now require a gas leak test at the cost of $50 if you run out of gas. And have new monkey business charges. But I am thankful we are now warm enough to get buy. Put I would love an electric warmed toilet seat. Burr its to cold to sir on. I miss having a furnace. We have a gas fire place and 2 electric ones and space heaters.
But I am not complaining. I am thankful to have a roof over my head. And food to eat. That is all we need.

Journaling Woman said...

First of all, I heard your voice. Love this post. Second, I am happy, but jealous about your new camera coming. Question: How will you take a superb photo of it to blog? (a riddle you must solved) Finally, you both are my heroes. There is a reason you all found each other, married each other and have stayed with each other. YOU are blessed people.

Seriously, I need to learn to write with fewer words.

Lori E said...

Isn't it sad when people are alone and helpless. Thank goodness for people like you.

~Tonia said...

A day or two off is always welcome!! So sad about the woman dying.
What sweet people you all are! I agree some people forget to check on neighbors. We try to check on ours even if its just a quick You got everything you need??
It has been difficult keeping everything here warm too. We finaly had the girls sleep down stairs and just shut the door..That the way it will be till Monday and it warms up enough for them to sleep back up there!
We are looking at -6 and even colder windchills..
Stay Warm!!

Breathe said...

It is a tough time and so many folks are alone. It's stunning. Families just seem to abandon one another...

Glad you enjoyed your time off and can't wait to see new pictures!

allhorsestuff said...

WOW...that is full of amazing stuff...that Man's heart and yours too! I totally believe in listening to your heart and the small, or loud,voice telling you to wait... Wait is very valid!
I feel terrible about that woman and God knows that because of wonderful peeps like your man..others were spared a similar fate. So glad that you enjoyed your quick reprieve from work too!!

I am waiting on my sissy to come and have fun with me and to celebrate her 60th!
You hang in there with that cold snap stuff...sorry it is lingering and causing problems!

ellen abbott said...

Blessing on you and yours.

The Green Stone Woman said...

You're a good pair of people, you and your husband. Imagine someone freezing to death in their own home! It is unheard of.

Nezzy said...

I'm very impressed with your unselfishness and care for other people's needs. I knew ya'll had big old hearts! It's so sad about the little lady who lost her life. It seems everyone takes care of self these days. Now I'm soundin' like my Granny Walden!

Have you tried a securing a heat tape around the faucet? I always open cabinets in the house and leave a good strong drip at each faucet. We have a heat lamp and small heater in the well house connected to an automatic on of thermostat so the well doesn't freeze up. So far so good here. We're having trouble with the automatic waterers for the cattle freezing the ball up. Most of those are in the middle of large pastures with no access to electricity. Farm life, ya gotta love it!

I'll be praying for your Hubs shoulder and upcomin' surgery. Ya'll take care of yourselves too. God bless you Gail!!!

Pat said...

You've got a good man there, even if he does like playing pranks on you!

"piddle fiddlin" - never heard it called quite that but I LOVE it!

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