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Monday, May 3, 2010

Dark Clouds Are Gone

The SUPER CELL threatened many states this weekend.  We were blessed more than others.  Hubby, as emergency manager had to help lead all humans at the rodeo to shelter, the animals were on their own.
Beautiful skies returned yesterday.
...and if you close your eyes part way, this could be a tree, with some imagination applied.  They are still traversing the farm with big equipment and a parade of vehicles.  All I can say is, they better do what they promised when this is finished.
This flower had many people puzzled.
Now it is completely open, It is easy to identify.
There have also been a few questions about how many horses I have.  First, I thought I would count the most important first....my grandsons.  This is Andrew and Jake.
This is Zander.
I have three grandsons.
Stay tuned for a horse count
and a tall tale of our hard-working weekend.


the canned quilter said...

We got rain on and off all weekend but no really bad weather. Great looking grandsons there.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

What a beautiful purple vine, is it a clematis?
We had clouds like those yesterday, appearing in a matter of minutes from nowhere, making me all nervous. Thankfully they passed with only a little rain and wind; whew, dodged another bullet!

Far Side of Fifty said...

All three different ages too..what fun! They are all very handsome too! :)

Nezzy said...

Ya have a tribe of very handsome boys there girl.

God bless and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

Pat said...

My Three Grandsons...hmmm...sounds like a tv show! Oh wait, that was My Three SONS! Close!

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